Friday, October 9, 2015

how to pack your makeup for a trip

I  love to organize and I have been doing it professionally for years.  I think it stems from all those little containers my mom got me to put all my barbie shoes in or maybe it was because my mom was so organized that I just thought thats how things were done?  who knows,  but I love love love to organize.

When you are leaving on a trip even if it only a couple times a year, its nice to just have everything ready to grab and go.  I don't have a lot of space in my closets so I use all the space next to the ceiling to store things I wont need every day.

Fist I have a bin for all of our families toiletries each boy has their own bag and its filled with all the things they are going to need for trips, scout camp outs (like they every brush their teeth there!!), and sleepovers. This is mine.
I like to put all the bags into a clear bin so that I can see what is in side.  Its not as clean and pretty as opaque containers but things like this that are behind closed doors are easier to see and grab when you need them

Inside my box with each persons bag I have bags in my bag. I know is that over kill?   But it keeps everything in its place and I can always see when I need to get a new little sample or travel sized toothpaste.

Make your life as organized as possible and it will save you so much time looking and shopping for for things.   It's just a little thing but it's saved me lots of times before trips with one less thing to worry about.  It's more fun to pack your out fits right?

 I like to put my almost used up makeup in this travel bag because I know its the right colors I wear every day and if it gets lost stolen or broken I wont be without my makeup when I get home.  It has happened to me twice I know I have the worst luck when I travel, now I'm overly carful. 
 Even though I don't use clips in my hair normally I bring everything I might need ever just in case, a headband and washcloths are also a must!
 Keep all the little bags in your make case and you are good to go.
Make your life as organized as possible and it will save you so much time looking and shopping for for things.   It's just a little thing but it's saved me lots of times before trips with one less thing to worry about.  It's more fun to pack your out fits right?

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The best Coconut Cream layer cake recipe

Do you think I post too many recipes for cakes?  Ok maybe I do but I love love love a good baked good!  This is one of my absolute favorite cakes.  Even a devout chocoholic I can safely say that this is one of my all time favorite cakes.  and its so pretty!!
This cake doesn't call for caramel but I like to add it because it makes the cake so moist and added another layer of flavors. 
frost the in sides and outside of the cake not the top!!  That will be for the chocolate ganache.  You can add cake crumbs to the sides instead of coconut, my kids will eat this cake if I present it as a cream cake and not a coconut cream cake.  I think the extra coconut is what they don't like.  However I di like to have a small baggie filled with extra coconut for me when I make it this way. LOL

cake crumb topping,  is just a mix of 1/2c sugar, 1/2c brown sugar, 3/4c flour,1t vanilla extract, and stick of butter. mix until crumbly. then pop in the oven for 15 min at 300.

I like to pipe a pretty top but even left with the plain ganoche it is pretty.  I just love the extra chocolate!!  You can down load the recipe in the link below.  I hope you take the time to make a cake from scratch every once in a while, they are so much better than the box and who doesn't love cake?
down load recipe here

Thursday, October 1, 2015

How to add stripes on jars and frames using spray paint

 Hello by now you know that I love to spray paint anything that does not move, well lets face it if it moves it might get painted too!  wink.   There are a few tips and tricks to painting stripes and dots on glass and wood  so lets get started.

1.  First you need to decide if you want an opaque or translucent look.  If you like the opaque look you are going to have to prime your surface wood glass or plastic you must start with a white background. 
2. next you need to paint the color that you want the stripes so in this case I wanted gold stripes so I painted a layer of gold.  remember from previous post keep these layers of color light  just a light coat so that it wont drip or crackle. 
 3. next after the paint has dried, about a half hour then tape up your stripes or dots  make sure you are using washi tape as it does not stick and pull off the paint.  If you want dots punch them out of washi tape, sometimes the office stickers are too sticky and it will pull the  paint off.  make sure the edges don't lift up while you are spraying that is one trouble with washi tape. 
 4. then spray the color you want your object to be.  In this case I loved the look of Rust-Oleums navy blue!  it looks so cool in my husband gray office. 
 5.  by using washi tape you can let this dry for as long as you want because its so easy to remove without damage to the jar or wood.  unlike other more aggressive tapes. 
 6. remove and enjoy or touch up if you need to,  I love the bleeding on this pumpkin it soffend it up a bit.  but on the frame I wanted a crisper edge so I just sprayed a bit of the white pait on a Q-tip and touched up the edges. 
Happy stripping and dotting!  and thank Rust-Oleum for you beautiful colors. here is a link to
 navy Rust-Oleum spray paint   that I used in this project. I also used the Rust-Oleum gold for this pumpkin as well but Krylon has a softer gold if you are looking for  a more matt finish. Here is the link for the Krylon gold spray paint

 the Q-tip touch ups really helped this frame look better. when I down loaded the photos I realized I did two striped frames for the party and these are different frames, but hey I used the technique on both frames so its not false advertising right?
the dots looked pretty god when they were all done
 Here is an example of translucent pink and the bottom one is the opaque version where I used a primer as the base color.  Its kinda cool to have  translusent color it makes it more interesting I think.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Modern colors for fall decor

Oh my gosh I'm in love with Navy and green right now.  I know my favorite color is white but I love to use different colors to accent every season and right now I love navy green and gold. 

I did a little spot on KUTV at 7:00am in the morning on a Saturday  I know I know who watches t.v. that early on the weekends but hey people do!!! Here's the link if you want to take a peek KUTV morning show I got to use my creative side and make my fall decorations fit into my house right now. 

 So I started with spray painting my little pumpkins navy blue and then added washi tape and sprayed them navy.  don't you just love that.  I used Rustolumn paint its kinda my favorite!

 Then I did one all navy and stuck in gold spray painted upholstery tacks cute hun!
 Because these are going in my husbands office I did screw a vintage sprinkler to the top of one of the pumpkins.  I took the pens out of his jar and put in the wheat.  The pen will have to find a new home for a few months.  Sorry hon. And there you have it a very modern color scheme in  Navy gold and a touch of apple green.  Yes?  now go out and spray your faux pumpkins the color of your house.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

5 fresh modern hip boy party themes

I'm all about finding a cute ideas for a boy party!!  I have 4 boys you know, and although they are all growing up I still like to be on the hunt for cute ideas for boys.  No offence to the girls but come on its like 10 to 1 for a great party idea!!  LOL  I have all the links highlighted so they should take you straight to their home blog.

these are fresh modern party ideas that are doable, adorable and fun  check them out.  I love Hostess with the Mostess  and this love my tribe  party, might make an appearance at an upcoming shower, Just saying.
And I couldn't get enough of this woodsy-lumberjack party I almost want to do this for my 12 year old up in the canyon somewhere wouldn't that be so fun?

this little party looked so easy and the colors!!!  Come on orange and turquoise what could be more darling than that!  hipster party.

This go jump in a lake party  had me at these bug marsh mellows.  I would love to see a child picking out one of these smores!!  This is a really fun thing to do with rice paper.  Some bakeries will print these for you if you send them the PDF's. 

And because I'm all about the gold and just got done with a vintage circus themed party the golden-safari party jumped out at me!  Again a can of spray paint can do wonders if you have a color scheme. 

Come on mom of boys, don't fret there are a ton of fun themes you can do for your little guys that are a bit more than supper heroes and cars. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

vintage circus theme party Studio 5

 Hello friends,  so excited to feature this darling vintage carnival themed party.  If you didn't see me on Studio 5 today here is the recap of all these darling DIY's that I've been posting over the last few weeks.  And Ill up date this to put the link to the show a bit later.   
PS stay tune to the very end for a giveaway of some of the party swag.
 First off I must talk about these frames from Cut it out already If you don't know who they are you better go explore their link!   I just love the versatility of frames and what they can add to the feel of a party or wedding.  The fabulous part about these frames is that they come unpainted and you can spray paint them the colors of your party. 
 I used Krylon  spray paint on mine and they turned out beautifully.  I did prime them before hand because the MDF sucks up paint like crazy!  With the striped one I just masked off the stripes with painting tape.
I think the gold one is my favorite I love the sheen it had. this photo doesn't do it justice.  I love that the frames can be such a directional in,  Here's where you put the gifts, or this is the menu.  It save a lot of hassle when you are the  hostess running around trying to greet everyone. 
I even put a frame on the front door to let people to know just walk in and lets gets this party rolling.
 I know there are people who don't care about little details, cause lets face it a party should be all the people!!!  But then there are a few of us crazies who love love love the details.  I firmly believe that if you showed somebody a party with and without details most would chose the festive colorful detailed oriented party, just because it creates a feeling. So I will continue to create events with details.
 Some of my favorite details were the tickets that we had stung around.  We used them on the food table and dinning table.  Everywhere we needed color we added a pile of tickets.  Also the suckers in the flowers were so sweet!  I loved the extra color. Make sure you wrap the stick in washi tape so the sick doesn't get too soggy for when your kids snag them out of the arrangement after the party to eat.

food oh how I love food.  I think the cutest thing you can do with food is to make it small, or in single servings.  these little salad cups were perfect for the guest that only wanted a little taste and no a whole platter of food. 
If the guest wanted a platter of food they could grab a personalized tray with the guest of honors name on it and fill it up!  These sturdy trays are so perfect to have when you don't have a lot of table seating at your party.  You can balance this large disposable tray on your lap!

 I love picks  and sometimes they are the easiest and most charming part of a party.  I love the gold animals that I featured a few post a go  here's the link  (gold circus animals). and these photo copied  vintage circus animals I jazzed up with fringe a dowel were so cute in the flowers.

 Banners of course are a party favorite and add so much color and fun to the event.  I love the new trend of doing layers and layers of ribbons and felt balls, lights, fans,  just what ever you  have on hand,  Hello instant party! PS I do have these banners pdf to sell if you want one email me at
 Oh and the fortunes were a big hit, I can't tell you how many people said that they loved this idea.  Again the post for the DIY is here (make your own fortunes)

 Ok lets get to the best part of the day.  I'm going to be giving away some cut it  out frames on my insta feed.  you can get an extra 2 entries if you leave a comment below.  Also you will get an entry for liking and following me theglitzypear and cutitoutalready on instagram. and entry for tagging a friend,  And if you regram you will get an extra chance as well.  good luck!  winners will be announced next Wed.