Friday, October 24, 2014

Sweet Punkin baby shower. and printable

Having a baby around a Holliday is not all that fun.  Take it from me I had two kids a week before Christmas!!  This little baby girl shower was not going to be black and orange just because her birthday was around Halloween.  Instead I used the pumpkin idea and softened up the colors a bit.  Pink and gold anyone? 

If you can believe it I bought the cutest pumpkins to get ready for this shower and they were all stolen off my porch WHAT!  I know I was so upset.  But alas I broke out the card and bought a few more.  I'm not letting my kids carve them so I get my moneys worth out of them till November!! 
 Going to a second pumpkin patch might have been a blessing because it introduced me too pink pumpkins   can you believe it?  Just the cutest things ever!  
 I don't have a wall to display my banners so I hang them from a dowel and put them in large gars filled with rice so it doesn't fall over.  I love how it's just the center piece of the food table  AKA my island.  
 Always always, always, have cute framed or in my case on a gold clip board, art work.  I like have the theme and using it every where. One printable and you can make tags sings door hangers picks  banners.  Its well worth the investment of someone designing you a cute  graphic.  and yes I did spray paint those dollar store pumpkins pink.

 These were my inspiration and I have loved having them out for fall and dressing them up for Halloween.  Can you spy another bottle holding yet another banner behind my couch. 
  I love Project life cards  I use them every were  just propped up they are adorable
 Ok so here is were I got lazy I hated taking down some of my black Halloween stuff so I let this bewitched banner and just added a pink and gold ribbon banner over it.  There is only so much I can do in a day. LOL
 again my graphic and a project life card  hello no brainer!!
I love hanging just a few lanterns from my railing above the guest and a little peek of my repurposed banner that said "things your little pumkin might say"   Screech eek and boo!
here is my printable for you if you ever need a cute little pumkin baby shower!  Your welcome.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sweet glitzy Hallween deco pumpkin style studio 5

Come on who doesn't want to have sweet little jeweled up pumpkins sitting on their coffee table?  Ok not my four boys who asked if they could add blood dripping off them.   This project is not for everybody it does stray a bit from the traditional and that's why I love it I suppose. 

 Do you have a glue gun?  if you do then you are golden that's all you need plus  a few craft supplies to make this magic happen..  First to make the tutu  I laid a ribbon down of my gluing surface and just gathered up a few yards of that cheep tulle you can find on a spool.  make sure you have enough ribbon to go around your pumpkin to tie it all on! 
 This pumpkin was the cutest and the easiest by far.  I bought some rind stone ribbon and just glued it down each little indention of the pumpkin.  I glued at the top middle and bottom tied a bow on the top and finished with a    boo sticker  took about 10 min!!!  its for my cute little "punkin" baby shower.
 Printables there are a million and one on the web.  But all you need to dress them up is a fun edge.  You can use anything crate paper tinsel yarn glitter a row of rind stones, ribbons, ruffled fabric coffee filters basically anything that you have and fits your style and color scheme 

Vinal all decked out in rind stones on my gallery wall  sorry family portrait! 
 last but not least take those fun party cones and turn them upside down for a fun cute witches hat  I think the fun upgrade from last year is the word banners I'm putting on everything.  I'm so in love with the fun words and phrases. 
here are links to my free printables  make sure you add a bit of your own something to make it special

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sweeten up your Halloween decorations and free Printable

Sweeten up your Halloween decorations and I don't mean with a  milky way bar!!  This year I wanted my Halloween deco to be really whimsical and sweet.  Hello I have 4 boys who love blood guts and zombies but for my piano room where I teach singing lessons and living room I wanted a little bit more glam and less gore, (the boys can have that in the basement). 

The first of a few projects I'm going to show you this month is my cute flags.  You can stick them in a bottle or a plant any where you need height and sparkle. 

First I started with printing off words on my computer.  I use 11x17 sheets of card stock.  If your printer wont print this size Fed Ex will do it for you for about a dollar. 

then its all about the layers I love to use book paper and eyelash yarn as the way to frame the edges.  I like  A LOT of layers as you all know.  LOL   I start by inking the white paper with chalk then cut the edges in a dove tail.

 I love my German glass glitter and yes it is expensive but I had to use it on this project because it just makes this whimsical Halloween decoration more magical.  And now to layering.  Mount your word strip on a piece of patterned paper,  hot glue the book paper onto the back and then hot glue the eyelash yarn onto the front edge.  I like using hot glue because I'm impatient and I can have my project done in just a few min instead of waiting for each layer to dry. 

 On this little word strip below I used it as a flag on a cone that I will hang on my dresser in my piano room.  I only used the glitter to outline the words.  I always use white glue with glitter not the hot glue as I do with the rest of my layers. 


 here is the printable for  my words I saved them as and 11x17 but you can resize them in your programs or just send them to fed ex to be printed in a larger size.  Happy Decorating Sweet style
here is the link to my dropbox for a free copy of these fun Halloween words

Saturday, September 20, 2014

freeprintable for my football pep rally

I'm a girly girly at heart but I do have 4 boys to raise.  Some times I have to put away the glitter and pull out the football mom for the boys.  I was on pep rally this week so while its still warm and sunny I wanted to do a balloon toss with huge balloons that wouldn't pop hotdogs and a fun donut handout. 

They were so easy to make in fact I did it in the car in between tutoring and practice.  LOL 
You take one donut and put one pair of vampire teeth in the middle.  If you get the cheep ones from Wallmart they are like 8 for a dollar and they are really bendy and fit perfectly.  then you take some white frosting in a tube and attach a red melting candy in the mouth and two M&M's for the eyes done!!  I packed them up in a cellophane bag and attached the "Lets chew them up" tag and look something cute with no glitter  I'm amazed. 

A few of you have asked for the printable so here it is enjoy!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

numbers monagrams letters oh my

 You could say I'm a little obsessed about all things small and large and covered in a number or letter.  I love monograms I love collecting things with a M. and I just love all numbers priod! 
 these little beauties were at a flea market and sadly  they did not have an M  but that teal W still came home with me and I do like to pretend its an M.
 I don't care if its furniture wood pieces barn wood or a mug I love the look of numbers on things. 
 My stash of scrabble letters and numbers.  I need one more set to fill the whole thing up!!
Oh my favorite thing in my office and old bone china cup with my itty bitty metal  M's from who knows were.  I just love them!!!  So there you have it add your favorite  number or your monogram to your d├ęcor and you can really personalize your space! 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

a few fun ways to use a 99. Ikea frame with free download

 This is an Awesome idea!!  I loved my flip calendar and my flip advent calendar that I made with the fabulous 99. Ikea frame.  so I thought I would try something akin to my memory jar. Last year my darling friend B  gave me a jar and a little pad of paper to put in the jar to jot down small everyday memories and pop them in the jar. 

Well why not punch a few pieces of paper and do the same thing with your Ikea frame?  Ive added instagrame photos and project life cards to  freshen it up.  But the most important thing is a sharpie and what you write on ever little page in  your 2014 memory frame. 

 ok up next is the dreaded chore chart!!!  I don't know one child that will gleefully do jobs around the house.  with that said this might make it more fun.  Ok maybe not but for sure more cute.  slip the chore chart inbetween the two plastic cover that come with the frame and attach a dry erase marker with Velcro to the back.  I added washi tape around the edges and shrunk the chart down so I could add a cute paper behind the job list. 
 3 D art!! this might have to be the funnest one to try.  by taking out the plastic middle covers I could slip a paper inside and embellish away!!  I added tinsel flowers ribbons  and cupcake tissue flower and popped some 3D stickers onto the paper.  So easy and such a fun wow factor at a party or in your office
my little 3D frame that says Hey smile  a good reminder when I'm in the middle of a project.
 ok my favorite one of the group.  my cute rendition of vintage sign stands.  I have to apologize that I don't have the tutorial yet my hard drive crashed.  I'm a little sick about it but its at the computer doctor and I hope to have some answers about it today.  But I will get you the tutorial it too easy not to share and it would be so fun for a wedding (table numbers) 

 I know I still have a white fridge  I love my white fridge I know I should go stainless like all my other appliances but I have been resisting I love WHITE!  shocking I know. :)  this is an easy fun little thing to organize the photos on your fridge.  First take off the  bottom of the frame and glue on strong magnets to one side.  I added washie tape and a bow to cover the part that screws into the base.  Yup that's it and hello how fabulous!!
 Sharing my ideas on Studio 5 is so much fun Brooke is a doll and my sisters little in the pink is Brookes favorite fan from Jersey.  and my cute other niece was fascinated at the all the behind the scenes of  a news room.  what a fun day. 

Now for the best part my give away!!  I'm giving away the memory frame and the earing stand (not shown).
And to the rest of you I have the free printable for the chore chart.  Your Welcome!