Tuesday, July 28, 2015

How to paint a globe Anthropology style.

I'm a sucker for  beautiful globes.  I have always loved maps, maybe it's the latitude and longitude lines or the endless exotic possibilities for travel, who knows  but I have enough of them! 
a year a go I feel in love with the anthropology pink painted globe and so wanted to try to make my own. so here it goes.
 First find your world,  They are every where from flea markets thrift stores, TJ Max and school supplies stores. I was nervous about spraying a globe that had been covered in paper because I didn't want it to bubble.  So its best to use three light coats of Rust-oleum paint and primer.
 See that cracking!!!  That happens when you put it on too thick and fast.  People please learn from my mistake again   this is not a project to do quickly.  Lots of light coats and this wont happen .  It is an easy fix though just a light sanding and reapply the paint.
 After you prime choose your color you will want, something that is light and goes with your room.  Hello turquoise
 Next is the scariest part for me.  I hate my hand writing, I have dyslexia, and its a curved surface. I'm very self conscious about writing anything by hand. I'm mean look at this blog there are a million mistake and I have a computer to help me out LOL The saying I wanted to use is Enjoy the Journey,  So take a big breath and a pencil and go for it. Enjoy
 Not perfect but hey I'm ok with that.  I love gold right now so I used my gold sharpie paint pen to trace over the pencil just know the  pencil marks will erase after you are done outlining. 
 I wanted flowers on my globe but you could do polka dots, stripes, trucks and cars, flamingos  hey the sky's the limit. 
 Paint is your friend when you are decorating the globe.  I just used craft paint but I loved the look of the pearl Martha Stewart Paint I used on the pink flower.  This part took time because you can only do a little at the time.  You should let each section dry before you rotate it around.  So yes this took days for me, because I don't manage my time well and I would pick up my brush every time I walked by my office. 
After you get all the flowers painted I just added detail with my sharpies.  I loved to outline the flowers add stems and little extras. This was just about the easiest part.  Supper easy a little time consuming and your own work of art.  Make sure you autograph this with a date so people will know how fabulous you are!!  Enjoy the journey!
There  may not be any countries on this globe but there is a destination, right here right now!
Enjoy the Journey

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Orange Rum sheet cake or as my kids call it Creamsicle cake.

 Well today I'm going to share a cake recipe that I've been making for years  and its one of my favorites,  I know I always say that this is my favorite but lets just say,  cake IS my favorite.

I  make a  lot of cake for my husbands work parties each month so I know what the masses love.  This one has a few more steps than I like to take for a sheet cake so I rarely make it  but its so fresh and light that it is the perfect summer cake.

Cream Sickle cake is like a citrus party in your mouth the textures are so light and creamy.  But if you make it the Adult way and add the rum (or rum flavoring) and fresh OJ it has just a hint of fresh and a lot of creamy loveliness!  So here goes... one recipe two ways.

Orange Rum Cake

4 T. Butter                      1 Cup sugar                     2 eggs, separated
1 1/2 Cup  flour              2 tsp. baking powder       pinch of salt
1/2 Cup  fresh orange juice    

Preheat oven to 350.  Cream butter and sugar. Add egg yolks one at a time and beat till thick and lemon-colored.  Mix the dry ingredients and add them alternately with the o.j. 
Fold in the stiffly beaten egg whites. (don't skip this step)  and pour into two 8 inch cake pans. spray the pan very well or line it with parchment.  I have a pan that has a false bottom so it pops right out. 
Bake for 20 min or when it springs back when touched.  cool completely!!!  I know that parts hard. 

If you are making the sheet pan version AKA  the Creamsicle Cake  you will need to double the recipe and change out the o.j. for concentrate....

8 T. butter (one stick)   2 Cups sugar          4 eggs separated
3 cup flour                    4 tsp baking powder      1/4 tsp of salt
2/3 cup water and 1/3 cup frozen o.j. concentrate.

my trick is to put 2/3 cup of water in the measuring cup then add a few spoonful's of concentrate till its around 1 cup   I think I used a bit more    cause I love it tangy!!

pour into a sheet pan heavily greased with pam and bake around 23 min. then check mine took about 25  so you just have to be on top of it, and check every few min.

Now for the filling if your doing the rum cake (is this too confusing? Ha Ha)  I don't use this filling for the sheet cake.
6 Tb sugar              1 1/2 Tbsp. cornstarch         pinch of salt       1/2 Cup water
1/2 ts grated orange peel     1/2 Cup fresh o.j.  1 egg yolk beaten    1 T butter.

mix the sugar cornstarch and salt up a bit in a double boiler.  gradually add water orange peel and the juice.  mix a bit then add the egg yolk.  It should start to get thick and creamy looking.  At the very end add the butter to make it rich and delicious.  then chill   this will go in-between the two layers of cake.  Take note that the sheet cake Does Not  have the filling. 
after spreading the orange curd in the middle I add a small layer of the frosting just to be over the top!

1/2 stick of butter         3 cups of powder sugar             3 Tb of rum or 1/2 tsp of rum flavoring
2T of orange concentrate         Heavy  Cream       pinch of salt

Now I'm not a professional baker so my frosting recipes are usually just mixed with a little of this then I add more of that....  So just start mixing slowly and add enough cream to create a yummy frosting.  if you add too much then add more powder sugar.  You know the drill.  No go and make this moist to die for cake you wont be sorry!

Monday, July 20, 2015

How to mod-podge on glass

for this blue and white wedding we so wanted to get antique Chinese vases for the flowers on every table.    Right not!!!   Ok  5,000$ was not quite in the budget so I  improvised.  We used half plain white vases and half blue and white.   The bride had collected a few on her travels over the years but not nearly enough, so we had to improvise on a budget. 
I knew I could get that look by modpodging paper to the vases, but as hard has I looked I could not find paper or tissue in a pattern I wanted.  Then as I was walking around Ikea I saw, from across the room, blue and white napkins!!!  They were perfect.

 The first step in this prosses was to peel the napkins apart so that I was working with one layer.
Second step was to  apply  mododge to the vase and gently laid the napkin over that. 

Third step was to add a layer of Modpodge on the top of the vase and the napkin.  I liked the translucent look (the one on the right) but didn't quite love it sooooo......

Take two

I spray painted the vases white with Rust-oleum primer (click here to see how to spray paint glass without it cracking) and then repeated the steps above, and hello georgouse that's what I wanted!

ours that we used and hey the $$$ vintage original below, I think we pulled it off and for just a few dollars to boot.  vase 1$ thrift store  napkins 2$ for 50 (I think) Ikea  and a bottle of Modpodge 6$ from a craft store.  We make 10 for a grand total of 17$  Think outside the box people and you will save a ton of money.  Not that we wouldn't have used the real thing if money were no object!!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Blue and White wedding

A wedding in Blue and White.
I have to say this combo in the hot hot summer of Utah is such a winner.  The blue reminds me of water and the white is a sure fire way to cool off a hot white day with its crisp look against the green trees and grass.
 I love that these flower walls have been so popular lately they are so fun to make and the statement that they bring to the event is amazing!  I have used them for a photo backdrop and a cake backdrop, and in a upcoming wedding they will cover an old fence to bring a cleaner look to a back yard wedding.

 Its always nice to add color to an outdoor wedding it brings such a fun celebratory feel to the reception.  Different shades in the same color family make it easy to bring everything all together.  Mixing different shades like navy, turquoise, babyblue, and cobolt  that's when it starts looking like a birthday party.  So stick to just a few blues in the same color family and it will look so sharp, and sophisticated.

The Gift table was going to be inside but things change at the last  min and instead of a line it was more of a mingle, so we grabbed extra tables and found a tree to put them under. Some times being flexible pays off. This was a fun corner to look at with all the gifts piling up.

Blue flowers are hard to pull off because there are so few of them,  so add white and maybe a little bit of lavender or yellow and a ton of white and you will have an amazing bouquet of flowers in your color.  and can I just say that ribbon is a lifesaver when you have a difficult color pallet.  I'm not just saying that cause I'm a ribbon hoarder!! And a little shout out to the brides aunt a professional flower arranger,she was amazing.  Thank @joliebetz for letting me crash in your work space for a min and talk to you!
 Oh the things you can put in trees.  I get giddy when a bride has a venue with a ton of trees.  Lights poms or lanterns are always a go to.  I also like to add a touch of something special   like mini chandeliers and photos of the bride and groom.  I also added they're monograms hanging in the tent.
 Even at 6:00 the lights were on and bring a happy feeling to the party.  Don't you love this pink house at This is the place Monument?  Its such a fantastic place to have a wedding. 

Just a little note  if you live in Utah and are having a summer wedding you might want to rethink the butter cream frosting.  Ask your cake person to freeze the cake the night before and them put it out at the last min.  This one from www.anniebeecakery.com was incredible and not only is the cake beautiful Annie is too!!

Seriously the hottest day of the year.  We couldn't keep the three water jugs filled.  just FYI  if you are outside this might be the most popular place to hang. 

 If you love a good party and dancing make sure you get a dance floor and a bucket of flip flops so that your guest can dance the night away under all the fairy lights.

 A treat table for the kids is supper fun and yummy.  The bride insisted on have her favorite candy, and why shouldn't she???  It didn't quite blend with the color theme so I just got white pots to hide all the peach rings (my favorite) and cinnamon bears!  We also had an ice cream truck now that was brilliant!

Monday, July 6, 2015

How to hang a gallery wall on a vaulted ceiling

How to hang a gallery wall on a vaulted ceiling.  But first you have to find the art!!   www.modifyink.com is the bomb when it comes to creating artwork to fit your style and color sceme of your house.  So supper easy too.  You pick a print and then you pick the colors, textures, size, that you want your print to be and voila You are mailed the most beautiful artwork ever  Mostly in part because you created it.  And Modifyink is give all of us a discount this week till Friday its studio5, so go over to their site and play around with all the fun art that they have.  Below is two pears the same print but made to be a set with matching colors and a tweed texture.

Now on to the ceiling gallery wall, that's what I ended up doing in my hubbies office.  My oldest son left to get his own apartment and that meant my hubby inherited his room and turned it into his man cave.  There is all sorts of fishing ties and U of U memorabilia, that made its way in from the garage huuummm.   I wanted it too look cool and sophisticated with out making my very casual man feel like a decorator had come into his space. 

this is the result of the ceiling gallery wall.  The frames are hung with command Velco photo strips.  They are stuck like glue I tell ya.

However the frames are very very light and if I had used heaver frames I would have used the little L brackets with screws to make it more secure and permanent. 
Please take out the glass or use the plexi glass that come with the frames, we don't want any broken glass on the floor of a playroom or in my case the man cave. (really Man Cave? we need to think of a different name soon)

The second thing I did was to hang a dividing wall in my office.  I used prints from www.ohsolovelyblog.com and some prints from my inspiration wall to create a hanging gallery.  I so wanted to put them in acrylic but it was too expensive so for now they are just hung on cardboard and scrapbook paper. 

I attached them to the ceiling with the 3M ceiling hooks because they were so light however when I change the divider to plexi I will have to install the Ikea dignitet (Its a system to hang things from a very sturdy cable)  that way I can use heavy frames or acrylic.
But for now I love this and it adds just a fun pop of color to my office with all my favorite prints for me to look at! Don't be afraid to do something new  If it makes you happy then do it, we all deserve some happy every day.

P.S.  These two modifyink pieces of art work will be up for grabs today on my instagram account  go follow me and modifyink tag a few friend and your entered to win.  Good luck guys.