Thursday, July 3, 2014

HOO's 2

This is the sweetest little party theme.  I had a friend call me and ask if I could put together a few things for her little girls second birthday.  I loved her theme and I loved the colors she picked.  All I had to do was put together a few lolley's and picks and she was on her way!

I loved that I got to use my tree stumps again. I added moss to the desert table which was messy and fun. LOL  and I taped up the most beautiful wrapping paper from Paper source in Fashion Place Mall.  If you can't afford 10$ a roll Tie Pan has some that is similar but lets face it not nearly as cute!!

 The picks for the cupcakes are made out of dollies cupcake liners and 3D stickers and flowers.  The adorable liners I found at Zuchers  I just cut the edges  and squished them a bit to give them a flowerish feeling. 
 Hello Ikea frame how I love you!!! I have used these all year in about 10 different colors.  They are a piece of cake to spray paint and I've sprayed mine a few colors!  ha ha.  again I used the cute Adore paper that I used for the lolly's and added stickers and googly eyes to the owls. 
 a wall of lolly's is cheep and it does make a big statement!
I used wood grained paper that I had in my stash for the banner, and I just added a strip of paper to the to and sticker letters. One of the easiest banners I've done.  on a few I added a flower made from the cupcake liner and punched out owl from the paper line. 

Hoo's 2?

Monday, June 9, 2014

spring wedding

One of my cute friends daughter got married last week And I had the honor of helping with the deco.  You know how I love to tie a bow!! 

She had darling lanterns and Gerber daisies  (the brides favorite flower) on each table.  I had the fun of adding all the fun Coral ribbon.

I also made a sweet little banner that said best friends using my triangle template and also  some 11x17 inch flags that were stuck into the flowers pots to add there bright happy color of coral. 

It was a beautiful simple reception that just goes to show that, all you need is friends family and love!!

Here are the printable I made for the little banner.  Sorry about the half circle on the edge I saved it really fast and didn't see this till it was too late. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Anchor your soul

I love doing fun things for the kids in our Church we had a fun sharing time with Anchors. 
I made a fun anchor out of foam board and covered it in wrapping paper tied it with rope and hung it over a blue sheet. 

I had to share the printables because they would be so cute as tags for a baby shower or just cute little summer tags on a jar.  I did format them on 11x17 paper and printed them out at staples but you could open them in PS or publisher and make them smaller 

Anchors away!!

Monday, May 12, 2014

How to print an image on book paper.

I  just wanted to show you how to print on vintage book paper.  I loved my mushrooms that I did for Studio 5  but I wanted to add a bit more of the theme to my lanterns.  I have been printing images on book paper for some time now and thought everybody knew how to do it.  But my friend insisted I show her how it was done.  So here is the easy way to print on book paper. 

1.  Find the image you want to  print.  If its in ping form then it might not have a background, however most images have a background whether its white and you can't see it or a color. 

2. The trick to this project is  the picture you are printing cannot have a background.  I found this darling mushroom from  however it had a background.  I'm no expert but I made a printable with out a background and now can be printed onto a sheet of book paper.

  (if you find an image with a background there are lots of websites that will take if off for you, for just a few dollars)  I used photo shop and the background eraser tool.

This is the image from Graphic fairy's web site.  when I printed it over book paper I could see the distinct cream line and hated it.

Sorry for the upside down photo.  But  you can see that you don't have a square of cream around the photo.  I took it out, and now it looks likes its just floating on the paper with no distractions.

3.  After you have your image, the rest is supper easy.  Double stick tape your paper onto an 8x10 piece of card stock and load it into your computer and hit print.  You might want to resize your image in publisher or photo shop.  But if you like the mushrooms I do  have a background free image for you to use at the end of this post. 
 You can frame these cuties or just use them as cards, tags or the background for your lanterns like I did.  Supper easy and such a wow factor for very little time and no money!  happy printing. 

Don't forget  to tie in the book paper by adding scraps to your bows,  just a little extra touch that is so cute and whimsical. 

Here's the sweet printable of my cute little toadstools.

mushroom lanterns and free printables

mushrooms in your lanterns? why not I say!!  I have to admit I do love mushrooms I love eating them I love looking at really strange and beautiful photos of them on Pintrest.  I have collected a small collection of ceramic mushrooms over the past few years.  Weird?  not to me.  I love to garden and I love small things and I love the touch of nature in my d├ęcor. 

I found the most beautiful photo of  little paper mache mushrooms from a French blog that is no longer available.  I just wanted to cry because I wanted to know how to make them.  I searched Esty and found some very expensive ones and thought I can do that!  So I did.

1. First you need to gather those Easter eggs that you  just put away
2.   Pop them open and cover them in saran wrap, just so that the paper mache wont stick to the egg and will come out easily. 
 3.  Then the fun part begins you might want to enlist your children help, they love this kind of thing.  I used paper from Ikea that I shredded into strips but you could use tissue paper if you wanted them smooth (which I did not).  Soak the paper in 1 part water 1 part glue and 1 part flour.  then start going to work.  You don't want a thick layer just two or three layers over lapping each other. 
4.  After the mushroom tops have dried, (I let mine sit over night)   you will want to paint them all up.  I spray painted mine red and gold. Yes gold they are soooooo beautiful.  then added little gold dots to the top of a few of the red ones. I just used puffy paint in gold.
 5. the insides were a bit of a puzzle I wanted them to look like my photo but couldn't figure out how they did it  so I just added a lolly.  I used vintage book paper and sheet music to create my lollys and wouldn't you know, it looks like underside of a mushroom who knew?
 6.  The stems were a dilemma I found some cute pegs that I covered in book paper, I also used dowels, clothes pins and a broken pencil.  LOL  I guess what ever you have will work as long as you cover it with sheet music or paint. 

7. Add a bit of hot glue to the middle of the lolly and hold your stem till it is all stable. 

 8.  The fun part is putting them in your lantern's.  I just stuck them into little moss balls I found at the dollar store.  I did want a cute background in my large  lantern so I printed a mushroom onto some sheet music I had left over.  It also looked cute on some old book paper I had. That tutorial will be next on the blog. 

Don't forget to add a cute flag or spring time tag from my last post.  These make cute little tags for gifts too. 

Now that the segment on Studio 5 is over I can now set my little lantern's  up in my dinning room. I'm sure my little fungi will be happy to live in my lanterns this spring.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

spring time centerpieces and free printable

just a little sneak peek at my summer centerpiece and a free little printable for you. 

I will be on studio 5 Tues the 13th showing you all how to  make these darling little mushrooms.
download this cute printable for your spring time crafting.


Friday, April 25, 2014

Gold accesories

My favorite color is white.  But my new little obsession is gold.  I love the warmth it brings to my rooms.  I love that it plays nice with other metals.  I love that I didn't have to go out and buy a lot of new accessories.  Look around your house and dare I say storage room for your "gold" forgotten treasures. 
I had this basket full of yarn upstairs in my office, but I have to say. I  like it under my bench in the front hall for the kids shoes and well all the stuff they bring home!
 This wood box was free  it came with my purchase from Olive & Cocoa  I just gave it a coat of gold spray paint and set it on my sofa table with a summer shell.
 I love adding unexpected things to gallery walls.  I have numbers and art mixed with photos, but I'm especially in love with my German gold glass glittered wood love piece.  The glitter will fade to a dark gunmetal but until then its still a nice shade of gold. 
 You gotta love Ikea.  this platter was 20$ and its really quite big.  I gives a big punch of Gold for very little money.  And I've used this tray for many a party, lately. 
 This one is free.  Just turn your books around in your bookcase.  Some old fancy books have gold pages and it look so cool.  You know your not going to be reading them any time soon so just do it.
 I feel in love and I mean IN lLOVE when I saw this Nate Burkus stapler at Target a few weeks ago.  I was in the market for a new one, honest my old trusty Swingline just died.  It was fate.
finally this old light fixture with its gold final is so darling I just had to set it out on my little silver leafed table.  see I told you gold played  nicely in the sand box!