Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pink and gold baby shower with free printable

I have lots of boys, 4 to be exact!  and with that said you can see how there would be very little pink in my house.  Oh I have white and gold and turquoise but pink? only a touch in my office and laundry room.  So if your having a girl baby shower and I'm doing the deco I will try to convince you to use pink.  Lucky for  me this little mama  didn't care one bit. 

 This is how you do a very cute shower with very little time and make it look like I spent hours. he he don't tell!
The first step is walk around your house collecting things that are in the color theme of the shower.  In this case Pink and Gold I was also looking for book paper things and baby items (the last being in short supply see how my baby is almost 11)
I did acquire a darling carousel horse form a dear friend and painted it all out, Annie Sloane Paris gray.  Its not finished yet, still waiting for some gold leaf and highlights in white..... but it was cute enough to drag to the shower.  I'm telling you a bow will fix anything!! 

The theme was "A story about to begin"  so I dug through my book paper stash and found these ruffly charges I  made to put under cookie plates a while back. I  also spray painted one of my coveted wood boxes pink and I love love love it!!  I now want to paint them all, I'm sure my cute  honey who made them all would die, so I'll settle for one.
 If you print the theme on card stock and glitter and a fringed border with what else? book paper... than you can prop it up in a gold spray painted clip board by a photo of her darling sonogram.   Pink flowers form Costco in spray painted jars and vases are so fun when they are spread around the buffet table. 
 Baby Girl banner was a repurpose from another shower.  I didn't know where to hang it so I stuck into two spray pained glass bottles filled with rice.  I used dowels wrapped in ribbon and just tied the  banner onto the dowels. Now you  can have a banner any where you want it. 
 using wire baskets and folded books I was able to make those yummy cookies look even more inviting. 
 the crepe bar is set with little tags  to tell each guest what delicious flavor of pastry cream they can layer on there crepes.  All in all it was easy and fun.  Happy Baby shower planning. 
here is the little printable I made for the shower you can download it here.
ps adding a dot of glue to random dots and glittering in gold was D-darling!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Yellow and Gray wedding

Don't ya just love family!  It was such a joy doing Kimmie's wedding.  I love that she was having it at Cactus and Tropicals.  They have the  most amazing flowers and quite frankly if you can't get married in Hawaii like originally planed this tropical paradise was the next best things.
Welcome to the tropical wedding of the year.
 the little mint colored gift bags with salt water taffy. were a hit with the kiddies.
 a cute photo wall with giant monograms, maybe would have been better over by the photo booth!!
 I  hung double sided wreaths that were a left over from a wedding a few years ago and added their monograms in turquoise glitter.  I added some coffee filter flowers and ribbons and had these strung up over the eating area.  Thank Auzzy for doing all the climbing and hanging your hired.

Other things that were hung in the air....white bunting, banners, flowers, puff balls, glass vases and a few chandeliers over the cake.

Their  photo table at this point was not finished,  I had Auzzy ran to Walgreen's for 8x10 frames and tea lights.  I tell ya no matter how hard you plan and stress somebody is going to forget something. 

 They threw rose petals as they were leaving I can't wait to see the professional shots from the wedding.  I really do wish I had a camera guy following me around.  Ok at parties only, and only taking photos of the deco!


 The cake was soooo cute and yummy from One Sweet Slice, love that place. 

 Hope you have a happy wonderful fun amazing journey of a life you two sweet kids!

Monday, March 10, 2014

California sunshine


there is nothing like California for there gorgeous sunshine!  Although during my 10 stay there last week I did get a taste of their big storm.  I kinda felt bad for laughing at all the times they said tornatic weather.  coming from Utah and all our snow it seemed a little mild but to them 70 and sunny all year it was news!!

That didn't stop us from shopping and playing, and lets face it two days of partly cloudy  and a little rain did nothing to dampen my spirit of being away to a place were everything was green and smelling lovely.  Ok lets get started with my fabulous finds.

 This is one of my most favorite stores in New Port Beach.  Rodgers is the name and Flowers and beautiful nick knacks are there game!!  I could easily spend thousand of dollars in under and hour there but alas I was flying and lets face it who am I to fly home with a gigantic piece of coal on my lap. LOL  So my mom who drove got to buy all the good stuff.  she purchased these gorgeous vase I'm so dying over! 
 I always buy a beautiful shell for my collection and it was so had to choose one this year, but I did don't worry.
 There Easter stuff was up all over the store these velvet bunnies were just a little pricey  so I bought a darling faux foil wrapped bunny. Its so darling. 
 So doing this as my craft for the season! 
 Love love love these planters!! my designer friend Ashley got me hooked on succulents and I so wanted to get one of these home.  However they weighed a ton and were 98$ for the small yikes.
 Could you die I've been on the look out for vintage sign holders for a few years now, with no luck these were new and are darling but on the small side. 

this is a must for our Easter dinner table I'm going to have to restock my German glass glitter.

 and lets just say we ate our weight in cupcakes while we were there.  Loved Casey's coconut and  Sweet and Saucys Smores and toffee were divine!!

 I love cook books and every were I go I try to pick up one or two I seriously couldn't decide so I just closed my eyes and picked one  Desserts here we come! 
 Ok sounds weird but I totally want my husband to bring home a gold fish like this from one of his deep sea fishing trips!  this was huge on a tile wall in Bear flag (my favorite tuna pokie ever store)

 Sweet and Saucy's photo wall was so cute just loved the gold frames and all that food made me buy more of their yummies to try.


 Ok this is as close as I will come to heaven on earth!  I love the container store they have everything you could dream of to contain what you need except my excitement at being there!  I hear we are getting one in SLC soon  Yeah!!!! times a thousand.


 At the store A beautiful affair they had a ton of coral art and sea shells I wanted one of everything but again the plane thing. 
 Now for a fun delightful spot.  Bliss I love how they display all there wears.  they have everything you could imagine for a modern beach cottage. I think I heard angels singing in there too. 

 again the succulents were darling and everywhere!

 want want want!  I really need to learn to upholster!





 Good bey Cali you will stay in my heart and I will drift off to sleep looking at the little photo by my bed to remember our days in the sun.