Saturday, September 20, 2014

freeprintable for my football pep rally

I'm a girly girly at heart but I do have 4 boys to raise.  Some times I have to put away the glitter and pull out the football mom for the boys.  I was on pep rally this week so while its still warm and sunny I wanted to do a balloon toss with huge balloons that wouldn't pop hotdogs and a fun donut handout. 

They were so easy to make in fact I did it in the car in between tutoring and practice.  LOL 
You take one donut and put one pair of vampire teeth in the middle.  If you get the cheep ones from Wallmart they are like 8 for a dollar and they are really bendy and fit perfectly.  then you take some white frosting in a tube and attach a red melting candy in the mouth and two M&M's for the eyes done!!  I packed them up in a cellophane bag and attached the "Lets chew them up" tag and look something cute with no glitter  I'm amazed. 

A few of you have asked for the printable so here it is enjoy!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

numbers monagrams letters oh my

 You could say I'm a little obsessed about all things small and large and covered in a number or letter.  I love monograms I love collecting things with a M. and I just love all numbers priod! 
 these little beauties were at a flea market and sadly  they did not have an M  but that teal W still came home with me and I do like to pretend its an M.
 I don't care if its furniture wood pieces barn wood or a mug I love the look of numbers on things. 
 My stash of scrabble letters and numbers.  I need one more set to fill the whole thing up!!
Oh my favorite thing in my office and old bone china cup with my itty bitty metal  M's from who knows were.  I just love them!!!  So there you have it add your favorite  number or your monogram to your d├ęcor and you can really personalize your space! 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

a few fun ways to use a 99. Ikea frame with free download

 This is an Awesome idea!!  I loved my flip calendar and my flip advent calendar that I made with the fabulous 99. Ikea frame.  so I thought I would try something akin to my memory jar. Last year my darling friend B  gave me a jar and a little pad of paper to put in the jar to jot down small everyday memories and pop them in the jar. 

Well why not punch a few pieces of paper and do the same thing with your Ikea frame?  Ive added instagrame photos and project life cards to  freshen it up.  But the most important thing is a sharpie and what you write on ever little page in  your 2014 memory frame. 

 ok up next is the dreaded chore chart!!!  I don't know one child that will gleefully do jobs around the house.  with that said this might make it more fun.  Ok maybe not but for sure more cute.  slip the chore chart inbetween the two plastic cover that come with the frame and attach a dry erase marker with Velcro to the back.  I added washi tape around the edges and shrunk the chart down so I could add a cute paper behind the job list. 
 3 D art!! this might have to be the funnest one to try.  by taking out the plastic middle covers I could slip a paper inside and embellish away!!  I added tinsel flowers ribbons  and cupcake tissue flower and popped some 3D stickers onto the paper.  So easy and such a fun wow factor at a party or in your office
my little 3D frame that says Hey smile  a good reminder when I'm in the middle of a project.
 ok my favorite one of the group.  my cute rendition of vintage sign stands.  I have to apologize that I don't have the tutorial yet my hard drive crashed.  I'm a little sick about it but its at the computer doctor and I hope to have some answers about it today.  But I will get you the tutorial it too easy not to share and it would be so fun for a wedding (table numbers) 

 I know I still have a white fridge  I love my white fridge I know I should go stainless like all my other appliances but I have been resisting I love WHITE!  shocking I know. :)  this is an easy fun little thing to organize the photos on your fridge.  First take off the  bottom of the frame and glue on strong magnets to one side.  I added washie tape and a bow to cover the part that screws into the base.  Yup that's it and hello how fabulous!!
 Sharing my ideas on Studio 5 is so much fun Brooke is a doll and my sisters little in the pink is Brookes favorite fan from Jersey.  and my cute other niece was fascinated at the all the behind the scenes of  a news room.  what a fun day. 

Now for the best part my give away!!  I'm giving away the memory frame and the earing stand (not shown).
And to the rest of you I have the free printable for the chore chart.  Your Welcome!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Garden weding

Oh you guys!!! Helloooo I hate that I'm so busy in my  life that only get to blog every other weeks its way to sad.  Maybe when the kiddies go to school next week... Oh who am I kidding working moms don't get much time to play.

 I love doing banners and decorating for weddings and showers.  What Im not good at is taking photos of my work!  I'm always in a rush, and lets face it I never grab my good camera.  I rely on my trusty I phone,  but lets face it... not the best camera. 
 This yard was stunning  we didn't have to do much because she truly had the most dreamy garden.  Not only was it huge it was immaculate!!
 we had a family tree where I hung frames from the branches.  I use the .99 cent frames from Ikea and took the bases off and tied ribbon to the little nub on the  top to hang them.  You can use two photos because they are double sided and swing so beautifuly in the brezze  I'll talk more about them on Studio 5 this Thursday.
his and her chair ties.  I loved making a special place for them to sit and watch the program. a little fabric ribbon and a lollies is all it took.

the popsicle bar was a cute touch.  I love there prints and designs are darling but we didn't have the time or money to have them do signs so we used my minds eye paper and a cute printable I made in photoshop.   Huge shout out to Marcia!!!  thank you girl for being so generous with your paper.  

again the Tags for drinks and food were  made from my minds eye papers and letter sitckers.  tied onto everything they looked so cute!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How to make a party hat cute!

ok I can not quite rock the party hat yet but I thought I would make one that was really cute for my primary lesson. I started with a coral poke-a-dot cone and a whole lot of extras from my craft bins.

 I love buying festooning from Zurchers. it comes in long rolls and I use it  on everything from outlining posters to well party hats.  Its such a fun thing to work with.    I took about 3 inches and rolled it together and hot glued it on top of the hat.  I added beads and tinsel to add a bit of glam as well. 
 The middle is where you can go wild.  I liked the idea of using my initial  I purchased these darling rounds as an alphabet from  its such a beautiful place to shop for modern looking art and cards.  I glued pompom fringe around the edge and layered a bow on top again all with the hot glue gun.  (love that thing)
If you want to staple the ribbon on you can but it seems staples always get caught in my hair when I do that.  So this time I again used the glue gun to glue on the inside and it held just fine.  I added more festooning and rick rack and I was done.  Fast easy and so much cuter than just a plan cone birthday hat don't ya think?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

HOO's 2

This is the sweetest little party theme.  I had a friend call me and ask if I could put together a few things for her little girls second birthday.  I loved her theme and I loved the colors she picked.  All I had to do was put together a few lolley's and picks and she was on her way!

I loved that I got to use my tree stumps again. I added moss to the desert table which was messy and fun. LOL  and I taped up the most beautiful wrapping paper from Paper source in Fashion Place Mall.  If you can't afford 10$ a roll Tie Pan has some that is similar but lets face it not nearly as cute!!

 The picks for the cupcakes are made out of dollies cupcake liners and 3D stickers and flowers.  The adorable liners I found at Zuchers  I just cut the edges  and squished them a bit to give them a flowerish feeling. 
 Hello Ikea frame how I love you!!! I have used these all year in about 10 different colors.  They are a piece of cake to spray paint and I've sprayed mine a few colors!  ha ha.  again I used the cute Adore paper that I used for the lolly's and added stickers and googly eyes to the owls. 
 a wall of lolly's is cheep and it does make a big statement!
I used wood grained paper that I had in my stash for the banner, and I just added a strip of paper to the to and sticker letters. One of the easiest banners I've done.  on a few I added a flower made from the cupcake liner and punched out owl from the paper line. 

Hoo's 2?

Monday, June 9, 2014

spring wedding

One of my cute friends daughter got married last week And I had the honor of helping with the deco.  You know how I love to tie a bow!! 

She had darling lanterns and Gerber daisies  (the brides favorite flower) on each table.  I had the fun of adding all the fun Coral ribbon.

I also made a sweet little banner that said best friends using my triangle template and also  some 11x17 inch flags that were stuck into the flowers pots to add there bright happy color of coral. 

It was a beautiful simple reception that just goes to show that, all you need is friends family and love!!

Here are the printable I made for the little banner.  Sorry about the half circle on the edge I saved it really fast and didn't see this till it was too late.