Monday, November 23, 2015

6 Modern DIY Christmas Wreaths

I'm always on the lookout for a fun new take on wreaths.  I have a few up my sleeves  that I will be showing in the next weeks.  Yeah bring on the Holidays, Crafting, fun, Crazy

 this wreath was made with things purchased from Target but I'm sure you kiddies wouldn't mind you glittering up some of their toys to put on a wreath in their room!!

 I found this on Etsy but it was sold out. look for key word. Himmeli wreath and you can find a lot under 40$  Gold ones are my favorite.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ikea hack cute and easy custom placemats.

I love Ikea, its one of my favorite stores in the valley.  The Scandinavian style is simple and chic,  But sometimes I feel like everybody knows its from Ikea, and I love to be different!!  So this is what I came up with for my Thanksgiving placemats this year.
You can buy plan cork placemats for supper cheap.  I think like a dollar a piece.  I love the cork look but for my modern table I wanted a white  placemat to pop off my arrow table cloth but couldn't find any that would work.  So this is how I did it.
first I painted a stripe down the middle, using chalk paint from Rustolum.   I had no idea that they made chalk paint, its less expensive than Annie Slone and it covers and looks just like hers. 
Next I took a piece of painters tape and put in right in the center of the placemat coving the chalk paint.  This will create a mask so that  we will be left with a crisp stripe down the middle,  Then I had to paint the rest of the mat.  You can see I just squirted  the paint right onto the mat.  It takes  a bit of paint but much less than I thought. 

 This photo is two coats, to make it crisp and clean it took me three coats to cover without leaving streaks.  (although the chalk paint took only one, I might have to look into getting white chalk paint if I do this for Christmas) 
This little hack could be an easy way to tie in a party color, or just make your dinning table more colorful.  Think of the possibilities Monograms, Names, Holidays, Wedding dates,  seriously so cute and personal.  So get hacking and if you have a great Ikea hack I would love to see it.  Tag me on instagrames  theglitzypear

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Kutv 2 Thanksgiving table setting tips

I have so much fun doing these little segments for KUTV 2 so here are just a few more tips to making your Thanksgiving table a little bit more you!  I know I know you might just be sick of my Thanksgiving ideas but I had to share one more time how cute this fabric is I got at Jo-Anns!!       click on the link to see the short segment.

once you get to video,  the modern take is in the little box down in the left corner if you want to see more about this photo. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Free modern Thanksgiving printable

 Hello friends just wanted to let you grab this free printable for your modern Thanksgiving place cards.  I'm so GREATFUL for you!!
get the link for the 8x10 printable here

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Easy thanksgiving removable centerpieces

Don't you love looking at a beautifully browned juicy turkey, siting at the head of the table waiting to be cut into?  I'm sure you don't want to have to strain over some flowery centerpiece  or heaven forbid  there is no place to put the food!! 

I have been sucked into the Pintrest world, of a beautiful set table and love the idea that Thanksgiving still exists,  even though after Halloween there is never a trace of Fall d├ęcor!!!  So here is my take on how to get both. First lets talk traditional table settings. 

 I love my China that I got when I was married.  I have always loved Black and White.  so for this table I wanted to use my china, and new gold silverware!  However I wanted to make it current without sacrificing the tradition colors of fall.  So I purchased the most beautiful hunter green herringbone fabric from JoAnn's along with the most fun plaid fabric to make napkins out of.  I'll have a tutorial of that later. 
Then I got out all my trays  (didn't know I had so many)  and picked one that would look with what I had.  I decided to use my lantern, gourdes, my turkey gravy bowel,candle and a fabric coved vase for my flowers.  I just literally just threw it all on the tray then tucked in the gourds.   
 Then the next thing I waned to do was make name cards.  So I used my Silhouette SD  yes I have the oldest model but it works for what I need and cut out these charming feathers on metallic paper.  You could also just scatter them around the table like confetti and they would add a little sparkle once the centerpiece is gone, and hey they are flat so that basket of rolls can sit nicely in front of me.

 The last thing I did was to create some mini center pieces  that would be left on the table so that it wouldn't be too void of color,  And still feel dressed up.  I love these little copper cups that I found at Target and the Rack. very fun to use as a vase them have them the rest of winter for my hot cocoa. 
So now for my favorite Thanksgiving removable centerpiece.  I love white (no surprise)  and I wanted to use my grandmas china but didn't want it to be too stuffy, so I added a striped paper plate, that we will be using for desert and a darling Ikea bowel that will be used my sons Tanner and Taylor who love mashed potatoes but hate the gravy to touch anything else on their plates.  LOL

At each place setting I have left a card with a question on it.  I hope all that come will write something on that card that they are thankful for.  In this techy world we often don't get many handwritten things.  And this makes for such a beautiful little keepsake after they are all tied together to pack away and pull out each year to see what was important to us. 
No for the fun removable centerpiece  I have a plant stand from Ikea that has a removable tray, and that's what I used  however I have like 10 white trays that would have worked.  wink I love love love my succulents and didn't want to banish them just yet.  so I used them to add a touch of green to the setting.
 I also mixed my mediums (like I like to do)  and put in a piece of driftwood that I found at the Great Salt Lake along with my pumpkins from Halloween from Target and my gold turkey.  I hated every flower I had or bought when I was trying to do the floral.  So I went with this beautiful capisa shell pick that I found at JoAnn's  It matches my West Elm chandelier and I loved how it didn't compete with all the other elements.  So use what you have or buy a few new little things but make sure that its easy  to remove your centerpiece because the turkey, talking, and family should be the focus of this Yummy fun Thanksgiving dinner!

 p.s. come back tomorrow for this free printable I'm showing on Studio 5! 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Easy Modern Thanksgiving Tablescapes West Elm inspired!

Thistle wood farms
I love this orange and white tablescape It looks so fresh and modern.  Raise your hands if you have white bowels and dishes.

Just destiny Magazine    Oh gosh could this be any more beautiful.  She used elements from West Elm,  I adore that store,  and the wonderful thing about picking up dessert plates from West Elm is that you know they will be in style for ever. 
this is a Pinterest find and I'm so sorry I can't find the link for you.  but again white china will go with everything so if your in the market for new dishes then I'd go white.   They have always been my go to  color for my dishes since well my wedding, then you can add a pop of color with the salad  or desert plates. 
 eat drink pretty  had this cool table setting on their page.  I love that the candles are really cakes for each person!!  decoration and food all in one.   I'm thinking my wide base Ikea candle sticks would work for this idea!
 I loved this look I found on Pintrest cotton picks and acorns, I'm so in love with cotton picks.  I used some for my fall pumkin center piece  found here  modern fall centerpieces



 How easy does this look.  Break out your silhouette and cut out a thankful word. 

This one inspired me to  try Black white and green for my  modern Tablescape I'm showing on Studio 5 Friday.  I love that no matter what Holliday it is, you can make it fit who you are by using your favorite things with your favorite colors and  mixing in a new trend. 
ps  if you  come back in a few days I might have  this little printable waiting for you to printout just in time for your Holliday dinner. 

Friday, November 6, 2015

House tours my favorite view

I've been feeling a little blah lately.  It could be that I lost one of my dear friends to and aneurism.  She was 47 and the happiest most service oriented person I knew.  What a beautiful family she left behind.  So this has got me thinking about my life and what I have done for my family and friends.  I truly am happy about what I have accomplished and the person I am.  I love what I do, I feel like I'm a happy friendly person who truly loves life and all the beauty in it. 

so with that I want to show you a favorite little spot in  my house, that helps me to relax reflect and rejuvenate.  this little widow ledge is up in my office.  I have the most beautiful view of the valley.  I have my crafting table pushed right up against the window so that I can look out when ever I'm feeling blocked or stresses or crazy (ok I look out a lot!)

I like having my things right there to catch the light and to make me happy.  Its a clamming place to work and always filled with light even on a cloudy day like today.  I hope that you have a place you can go and reflect on your life and what you are grateful for.  this tiny spot in my house brings me peace.  Its not decorated elaborately but it just feels good. 
thanks for joining me on  my corner of my house tour.  tag me on istagram so I can see your favorite spot.  @theglitzypear