Saturday, May 23, 2015

How to pack for a trip

Hello I'm a little bit giddy as I write this post. I'm off to Kauai Its my 25 wedding anniversary and I think if we have made it this far we should really celebrate. So I thought I'd show you how I pack for a trip. 

Its kind of funny but I like to put everything into outfits. that way I  know I have everything I need to complete a look.  In this case swimwear and cover ups and good hiking shoes. lol  If I have extra shirts or pants that goes on the other side.  I know it seems weird but when you unpack at your hotel it is just easier to see all the outfits done and put together instead of trying to figure out if you brought the sweater that goes with that outfit. 

There are a million ways to pack to prevent wrinkles and such,  I try to stay away from wrinkly clothes when I travel I don't want to have to worry about ironing.  But if you do have say a linen skirt that gets kind of wrinkly wrap the skirt around the outfit it goes with so that it doesn't crease same goes with linen pants.

I also hate hate hate  straps sticking out of my clothes, (was that a little harsh) in my closet or in my suit case.  Here is how I solve that problem.  First I lay out the tank top or swimsuit and fold in half.  The neck and straps towards the hem. 

Second I fold that in half to contain all the straps.
Third, I fold that in half again  or in thirds how ever small you need it.
Hello what a perfect little package to stack neatly on a shelf or line up in you suitcase.
Shoes are always on the bottom or in another bag with travel gear. Ok that's not all my shoes and yes I did have to make room for my honeys Keens but a girl must sacrifice for her man.    

Books and magazines go into my carry on along with treats and my emergency kit which is always with me especially when I am at the pool or beach!  It has very essential stuff like chapsitck, sunblock, cards,  gum, a sharpie, fingernail file, lipstick, hand sanitizer, pins, elastic for my hair, ear buds,  and money.  This little bag has saved me more than once. I also bring a small emergency kit with pills, Band-Aids, thread needles ect. 

ok looks like I'm all set and the hardest part was figuring out to wear before hand. 
All I have to do now is lay on the beach and read!

Monday, May 18, 2015

A modern Bohemian wedding

I loved helping to create this wedding.  The darling bride wanted it to be modern but then loved all these vintage things.  So we called it the modern bohemian wedding and it turned out darling. 

She had her reception in this fabulous barn in Salt Lake City.  I didn't want it to be too vintage because it was already in an old barn so we talked about making a beautiful paper flower back drop for the cake in white.  Wow it was a lot of work but the payoff was amazing.  it was 10 feet long and 8 and half feet tall.  It truly was a  wall of flowers.

The brides cake was done by Whitney's Sweets you can find her at   she did an amzing job.  We set the cake on a cut log on top of an old desk with one of the rose quart sequin runners. The dark colors really set off all the white of the cake and flowers. 

on her desert buffet we tide in the paper flowers with boxes covered in mini flowers. then mixed in the real flowers as well to blend the whole look. 

the mantel flowers were so romantic and just what I would have picked for a boho wedding.  I truly wish the mantal was deeper so that we could have put more photos of them on the top.  The flowers were done by Heidi Vassel she is one amazing chick!

Sign in please, oh how I loved the shine of the garden bench that I sprayed gold.  We added photos of the bride and all of her vintage pieces that she loved.  The best part of the sign in area was the hanging lanturns  they were to die for  (almost took them home with me! )

The photo booth was a fun little corner.  I just love looking at the # tags after a wedding seeing all the  fun photos of the guest.  Its fun to create a fun little backdrop to make the photos more fun and something that is more interesting than a plain Jane wall.  Don't you love my chairs?  Who knows when they will be recovered, but until then photo on.

 When the entrance to the venue isn't clearly marked its a good idea to have a sign or lanterns, maybe cute paper sack lanterns to light the way and guide the guest to the front entry way. 

Well that's all the weddings for now.  I'm leaving with the hubby on a much needed vaca (without the kids) But don't worry I have darling outdoor wedding I'll be doing the end of June.  Don't you just love love?

Monday, May 11, 2015

Coral and gold Barn wedding

I love Coral its such a bright happy color.  Especially paired with navy blue.  I like to wear this combination every chance I get.  Its also stunning mixed with gold and pink and used to dress up a barn.  I love doing barn weddings they seem a bit more casual and fun than traditional weddings.  Not that I don't adore doing traditional weddings but there is something exciting about spring and weddings and being outside that is so upbeat and exciting. 

 The food table is always fun to decorate because everyone at the wedding wants to eat a little something.  I like to always have a focal point of the buffet and the middle is usally the spot to put it.  You can put drinks on one side desserts on the other, or food and desserts, or appitizeers and salads and then dinner  well you get the point.  flowers and photos are fun to add here cause everybody will see the couples smiling faces.  (this is not the finished table I had to leave before most of the flowers got there :(  hence the empty vases )

This darling chair was the brides little perch if she got too tired greeting all her wonderful guest. I love the coral color I might have to get me some!

 I'm loving that Banners and letters are already premade!  My minds eye has the cutes ever letters and banners done and just ready to hang!!  It saves a ton of time unless of course they don't have your colors.  LOL
 I also have been loving the fun wrapping papers out on the market. They can add the best pop of color anywhere. Place them on top of tables use as a runner we wrapped books and boxes in it to use as center pieces.  I especially love to use wrapping paper when I'm doing a wedding in a color that can't be brought in naturally with flowers and food like navy blue or black.
Ok here is the big secret about weddings and parties.  I'm all about details but most people will only remember the first impression.  If you walk into an event and there is an overall wow factor then I have done my job.  I like to have one big fun focal point (or two)  that is special and a bit over the top.  At this wedding I put my huge flowers up in the rafters and cascading down the pillars.  I only had to do two pillars in the front to achieve a wow factor.  With the lights and dot garland that was enough to create the casual party atmosphere they were looking for. 

 The sing in table that was not finished when I took this photo sigh.... Is such a happy spot to be greeted with.  I painted an old potting bench with gold spray paint added Heidi Swaps marque lights and the brides photo and all it needed were the flowers and the sign in book.  (p.s. the bottom shelf was used for extra wedding gifts when the table was full.
Ok so  I do  like a few wow factors. he he   I covered the back corner wall in lollies already pre done again from My Minds Eye. (no I'm not getting a kick back from them but there stuff is amazing) They had a beautiful cake and the couples cute wedding video in this corner and it needed more than the dark barn walls to brighten up this space. 


What a happy fun wedding I loved the coral gold and barn wood combination  Hey sometimes opposites attract right?

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Studio 5 - Peek of Spring: Flower Backdrop

Studio 5 - Peek of Spring: Flower Backdrop

 Here is the link to the segment I did with the beautiful Brook Walker.  I love spring and I love flowers and hey I adore doing wedding so this segment was a blast to prep for!!  go check it out.   and say I Do to paper flowers to add color to your parties.

Monday, May 4, 2015

How to make paper flowers out of card stock

I'll admit I do have a sickness for  paper flowers.... wait I think I've said that before.  I will go to therapy later I promise.  I was on studio 5 showing off my creations, however you can only say so much in a 5 min segment, and lets face it when the heat is on and the cameras are rolling there is a lot of things I forget to say.  So lets clarify this paper making process shall we?

 First is easy part cutting out the shape of the petals, Here is a few options for this.
1. you can make up your own pattern, I highly suggest this one. not only can you get the shape you  want, you can get the size as big or small as you need.
2. have your trusty Silhouette, Cricket or Sizzix cut it out for you.
3. buy the fabulous book Paper to Petal by Rebecca Thuss   It has patterns for small life sized flowers.
4. find templates on the Web.

Ok the hard part is done  finding what kind of flower you are going to make and cutting it out.  the next step is to constrict your flower.  The one I'm showing you is the easiest.  Dab hot glue along the edge and roll it up then pinch it, with the string inside the hot glue.  This will create a long beautiful chain of flowers that look like a lei.....hummmmmm I have Hawaii on the brain.
I also am a big fan of using a pencil (can you see it in the first photo?) to curl the edges  this is a must if you want your flower to have shape.  You can do two or three at time before you glue, then curl a   few extra petals after they are all glued to add more body.
 I used these chains along with the white paper flowers to help this flower backdrop feel full without using a ton of silk flowers.  Can you just imagine this with real flowers?? Beautiful but a little unrealistic if you think about time and cost.  Add a few crystal elements and bam you got yourself a wedding/party/photo booth/art installation for so little money its crazy!

 Now here is my favorite way to make a paper flower. Each petal is cut individually and then glued into one flower.  This takes a bit longer, but the results are so charming. 
 1.  find a flower petal shape you like and cut out about 15,  Some times a few more to fill in if it needs it. 
2. Cut a slit up the center of each petal.

3.  Over lap the cut edges and hot glue into place  I like to hold it for 3-5 seconds and curl the edges with my finger while it cools.

 4. Hot glue the petals onto the edge of  a round piece of card stock.
 5. Layer layer layer, just add as many as you would like.  I do three layers.  Just a tip some times when I'm doing smaller flowers I like to cut the middle petals along the edges so they are a bit shorter and skinner.
 6. add a center.  you can do fringe or party festooning which I used here and your done with the flower part. 
this is a flower done with a silhouette cutout.  I found the flower I wanted and  the machine cuts them all out. The way these little beauties get their shape is to curl the edges with a pencil. and to bend the petals into the center. I also liked to cut the middle petals apart and glue a few individually to give it more of a 3 dimensional shape.   I didn't do that too this one.

 ok before I go any further can I give a huge shout out to My Minds Eye for their amazing paper!!!  I'm so stinking lucky to know the fabulous Marcia who is the brain child for that brand.  Love every thing they do!!!  (and can talk about the fact that its double sided  WHAT??)

Oh now, let the fun begin,  just hot glue a dowel to the back or a clip or a ribbon and sick clip or tie these darlings to everything you can get your hands on!  Oh it makes Spring so sunny and happy. 

 This little  cutie is just a single cutout with a button glued to the center, come on who doesn't want a few of these to tie to packages or just pop into a glass of lemonade?  I know right?

 So now there is no excuse for not being totally surrounded by pretty paper flowers!!!  Enjoy your week, hope to show you pictures of the weddings that I'm doing this month.