Sunday, March 29, 2015

free printable thank you tags

Some times the simplest of graphics can be the most lovely.  I did a wedding shower last week and made little thank you favors.  It was terribly easy and its so thoughtful for the bride to have a little thank you treat for her guest to take with them. 
 Here is the link to this printable you can download. I used a 1 1/2 scalloped punch to create my tag. punched a hole and tied it to the little box. supper simple and sweet.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

How to make giant paper flowers and stems part one

this is the first part in a two part tutorial on how to create giant flowers.  I've search all over the web and found that this was the easiest and cheapest way to make the base of your 5 foot flower. 
what you need
chicken wire
garden gloves
masking tape
tissue paper
spray glue
 first you need a big huge bucket of this stuff.  I love this because its cheep and easy to work with however its not supper heavy if I were to do this again for a client I would add rocks in the mix to make it extra heavy. 
 All ya need to do is get a container.  I used the 79cent ones from Ikea and a few random ones I've had for ever.  I actually mixed the plaster in the pot so that I wouldn't have to worry about pouring it.  Just read the directions for powder and water ratios.

 Next I got the chicken wire out.  I like the kind that you can get at IFA it cheaper than Home Depot but they work about the same.  IFA does come in different sizes.  I just cut about 8-10 inches off the roll and then put on my gloves to roll it up.  I tucked in the cut edges  and kinda squished it together.  to create a long tube.
 tip  I didn't roll the whole stem because you want to wrap the bottom part around the bucket.
Then grab that tape and go to town.  the tape helped so much in disguising the wire.  and it was so easy to attach the tissue paper to.
 before you get to the bottom of the stem you'll want to wrap the wire around your bucket. Then just tape tape tape to hold it tight.
 ok this part is tricky I did three of the stems by my self and one with a friend lets just say its always easier with two people, not impossible with one.  You will need to spray the  stem with spray glue I've used every brand and they all seem to work the same so just what ever is the lest expensive.  Then I wraped the green tissue paper around the taped stem.  and cut off the excess.
 oh the most fun part is last!!!  I love modpodging (is that a word?) the tissue paper so that I wont rip off.  I also wanted the stems to be shinny so I could have a fun contrast.  however I only had half a bottle of shinny mod and a half bottle of matt so I mixed for a semi gloss I guess. 
just rub carefully over the tissue  to seal it.  if you lift some paper in areas just rip a small piece to fix the spot right them while the stem is all sticky then let dry over night and voilĂ 
your done with the bendable stem!!  Your little secret garden is beginning to take shape!!  Ill post the making of the flowers soon.  that's a pretty pink puffy party in itself!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

construction party banner

So here is a little banner I whipped up for my nephews birthday on Thursday.  He will be turning three!  I can't believe where the time goes.  They live back east so I wanted to help with the party I hope this little banner helps.  you can print this out too.  Just open the drop box and copy and save.  Don't mind the M at the end its the start of his name and didn't have time to save a copy with out it sorry.  Happy birthday little dude.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Diy giant paper flowers

 wow can you believe the size of this thing?  I'm doing a segment on Studio 5 on how to make these beautiful paper flowers.  I don't have the bases done Hello they will be free standing!!!  they sure will be a statement at a shower, wedding or birthday part.  The segment isn't until the end of March so until then my craft room will be filling up with these ginormous lovelies.  Boys look out!!!

ps don't worry there will be a tutorial coming soon, tried several ways to do this and found the best and easiest way to create this secret garden. :)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Swig Valentines tag

ok one last cute Valentines tag I made for T-mans teachers.  I love swig Its a drink drive threw here in Utah where you can get your hearts desire of flavored drinks.  I have kinda been addicted lately, but lets move on. 

They give you a cute little cup and cubby straw if you buy gift cards.  I had a friend at Christmas give me this darling idea.  (thanks heather)  but I thought this would be darling for Valentines for the teachers. 

here is the tag to print out  enjoy

Monday, February 2, 2015

Valentine tags for your honey

 Ever year I like to do something for Valentines for my kids and honey bunny.  This year was supper easy thanks to one of my friends who organized a valentines swap.  You bring 14 valentines and then we get to take home 14 different Valentin's.  That is one a day for my man or you could do them for a few days for your kiddies
I had a few of  my friend ask me to make tags so I do have a few printables at the end of this post.  but here are a few ideas from my creative friends.  Remember these are for our husbands so some wont work for the kids.  P.S. we did have some sassy ones but they are not posted. lol 
 ok this one is kinda sassy but not too bad.  My husband would love for them to all be sassy but alas I'm a busy tired working mama and few nights will have to get him through. :)

 this little coupon book is darling I will give this to him last, so that he can still feel the love for a few more days.  I'm not sure where my friend found this but I'm sure if you google love coupon book you could find some darling printables. 
 awe the sweet friend who put this little party together.  we did have more than 14 participate so we stood in front of our pile and just took the next 14 valentines.  supper fun and easy. 

My stash hope my hubby likes this!  here are the printables  for the
 "nuts about you" 
"feet warm"
"thanks for all you dew"

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

dying your own ribbon

I know I've posted how to dye your own ribbon before. but today Ill so you again step by step just because its sooooo easy and the results will always be perfectly suited to your project. 

 first you start off with this amazing stuff.  You can find it anywhere crafting supplies are sold.  Its a misting spray and I have lots of different brands.  I have even made my own colors by using dyes and diluting with water and putting in a spray bottle.  I  use seam binding as my ribbon, its very cheap and comes in spools of 100 yards.  I get mine from amazon.  they are around 10-13$ and they last for ever!!
So there are  a few ways I dye my ribbon.  The first way is to crumple it up and spray spray spray!  it will leave you with a variegated look that is so beautiful and natural.  If you want a more solid look I would suggest you put it in a baggie and spray the solution into the baggie adding a bit of water to get every piece of ribbon. 

 I then pull my ribbon out of the bag and let dry in a clump so that I can get that vintage rumbled look.
 Another way that I have found that is absolutely stunning comes from Heidi Swap.  You tape you ribbon down to a wipable surface and then spray.  You will get the striped effect immediately it's so cool.  blot the spray off with a paper towel and let dry or untape and dry hanging on a door knob.

This last one I discovered when I needed a muted color and wanted to see if dying a gray ribbon would bring me the  desired results. 
I'm also going to show you how to use a mask (although I was in too big a hurry and made some splotchy marks)
If you want to use a mask the ribbon needs to be straight and do not use a long piece, that just gets too messy. 
spray spray spray and then take off the mask.  I blotted before I removed the mask but  don't blot!!! just carefully remove the mask before you blot or the excess will spread into the holes.  Also a light light spray is all you need I was over spraying to get a darker color, not a wise thing to do.
But seriously how cool is that?  you can see the original color and the new color the dye made along with the polk-a-dots  how easy and cute is that.  I have boxes and boxes of ribbon I will not tell you how many but its more than any sane person should have, and I still love to dye my own ribbon.  It is sometime the special touch you need for your tags and packages.  so have fun experiment. and see what you can come up with.