Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How to make a cake stand or tray lift for your party table.

 It's always better to have lots of lifts and levels when you are creating a food buffet.  Not only does it look better, you can fit more trays and cake stands in.   A few years ago I was hired to do a company party, with a carnival theme and I wanted so bad to make the step drum things the elephants stand on.  (what are they called?)
 So crazy me went to the Home depot and found these quik-tubes.  they are used to make cement something or another???  LOL  I was on a strict budget and needed to make 20 center pieces supper cheap, and this was just what I was looking for.   I came in a very long tube that my husband had to cut into 8-10 inch pieces.  (used an electric knife)
 After the tubes were cut I wrapped them in scrapbook paper and hot glued a cratepaper ruffle around the top.  Just scrunching it as I went. 
 Along the bottom I used Scotch 3M tape,  it comes in the cutest colors now days and it was just the finish I needed to smooth the rough edges. 
 I wrapped the entire tube then just folded over the top half inch. 

 I brilliant part of this project is since then I have recreated the look of some of these lifts by changing out the paper, ruffles and tape.  This is one I did for a wedding shower.  I added a little medallion on the front.  You could use their monogram or name.  Now that would be cute. 
place a bowel or tray on top and presto and instant lift and a little bit of fabulous d├ęcor to add to your food table. 

See how I have left the top open?  Originally I filled each bucket with treats,boxes of cracker jacks and big bags of popcorn and cute bags of peanuts.  You could also fill with flowers or thank you gifts at a shower. 

This is one of the originals with the added tape, and a change of ruffle.  I was doing a blue theme and I loved this festooning from the party store.
See how you can use every inch of the table by over lapping a higher placed tray over a tray on the table.  More food More fun I say.

Friday, August 21, 2015

5 cute sites for free back to school lunch printables

I know I know my baby is 12 but he still gets notes in his lunch box.  I'm sure he gets all red in the face and tries to hide them, but I adore that kid and I want him to know he's loved.  

So here are a few links to my favorite back to school printables for your kids.

and last but not least is my back to school supply count down.  I've been known to be the last mom to get all the supplies they need, so if you feel like your in the same boat go back to this post to get all the supply pintable's. p.s.  there will be no laughing at my photography  I feel like I've learned a lot since then. hee hee!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

free vintage carnival printable signs

This was an event that I did a few years ago and I loved doing this giant birthday carnival! (may have to repost)  Then last week I did a vintage wedding shower for my son, and dug up these signs and tags I made a few years ago and thought I'd share them with you.  I know I'm so nice that way.     

I used these tags to label the food to label the games and even big ones for signs and menu cards.  I love this vintage carnival theme that is so popular right now!!

I would love to help you personalize them for your own party, shower or wedding  just email me at michelleinkley@gmail.com and we can talk details. Party on.

Friday, August 14, 2015

How to make your own scratch off fortunes

I love this idea of creating your own fortunes for your friends and family for a birthday party or wedding shower.  Its such a fun personal touch and its kinda special to get a happy fortune. 


 First of all I printed off a sheet of the fronts of the fortunes,  then turned the paper over and just printed the backs of the fortunes  they seemed to line up great  but just double check as you go. and remember its cuter to have your own personal sayings.

this is pretty easy to make your own sayings in word or publisher.  Just a little hint I would print them with a light gray ink and a very light background.  I had to use about three layers of paint when I could have just used one if I would have printed them lighter. 

after the hard part of printing these was completed, I just cut each one out and placed it on a strip of packing tape.  Yup you heard me right place the fortune part directly on the tape so that the fortune front is on the top. 
 Now comes the fun part.  Mix your gold craft paint (or what ever color you want)  with a few drops of dish soap.  I think that this is suppose to make it flake easier however I used three layers of this and mine kind scratched off and then I could peel the rest off.  That was nice cause I feel like it was less messy LOL   but if you want a true scratch off then print your backs lighter than mine. 

 one coat did not cover..... sad face!  but as you can see below that two was better and three was the magic number for me.
 Now before you comment that I spelled the word reveal wrong, I know and I fixed it. ha ha  I'm not a very good editor, and I apologies to you school teachers and book reviewers out there.  But love me anyway ok? 

                                                           Download sign here

 Such a fun little idea to make your night pop just a bit more, and hello who can't use a little more pop in their lives. now go  "revel at random"

Friday, August 7, 2015

rustic modern wedding with succulants

 I love weddings!!!  if you haven't noticed and there have been quite a few this summer that I've done or been apart of.  I love that every bride has her own style, it keeps working fun and fresh. 
 This darling wedding was the brain child of my dear friend Ashley.  she is so talented I love her style and her vision.  "Grab that pallet" she will say "and we can make it into a fence for the wedding"!!  seriously she is amazing. 
 Supper easy DIY  just paint tin cans gold and drill them into the wood planks fill with flowers and done.  Its a free way to  dress up a corner of the wedding or as a cute way to create a defined entrance.
 Another fun thing that I loved was this photo stand.  Instead of using an  easel she used a music stand and lashed on some twigs.  Its little details like this that make a reception special, and unforgettable!

 My favorite place at any wedding is the lounge,  they are kinda big right now.  A lounge is a great photo opportunity, its a funky, fun place to have your picture taken or to just to hang out.  Bottom line its a comfy place to talk to grandma while all the other kids are dancing.  Supper easy to do as well.  grab some furniture and create a seating area,  you can have a backdrop or not, just make it fun and eye catching.

 Oh those center pieces..... aren't those the most charming?  How easy to  pull together as well.  I think the hardest part was cutting the logs, but hey my hubby and grooms father did that so score no sweat and big impact!

 The creates were a cheep find in our local KSL. classifies  or you can distress your own with new ones from the craft store, either way it pulls in the rustic feel with the modern succulents.  The plants and succulents are from the local nursery and they are planted in glossy white pots from Ikea.  After the wedding they were passed out to all the helpers as a thank you.  Great Idea!
 This photo was giant and we hung it on the back of the tent and these two crazy kids had their ring ceremony in front of this darling table.  Then dancing till 11:00 under this light filled tent it truly was a fun event.  I must say all us mamas dancing kinda showed up the teenagers.  I'm just saying LOL!

 The food truck was a hit and Kitchen 88 truly stole the show  It was divine!!! I could have eating all night.  There was an ice cream station and darling little boys walking around with wagons filled with ice cold drinks. How cute is that!  The most import thing to remember is to have fun,  this is the one day that you will think about your whole life. You will talk about this day with your kids and grand kids you will pull out your wedding photos over and over.  So invest in the details invest in the guest invest in this memory that will last your whole life!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

How to paint a globe Anthropology style.

I'm a sucker for  beautiful globes.  I have always loved maps, maybe it's the latitude and longitude lines or the endless exotic possibilities for travel, who knows  but I have enough of them! 
a year a go I feel in love with the anthropology pink painted globe and so wanted to try to make my own. so here it goes.
 First find your world,  They are every where from flea markets thrift stores, TJ Max and school supplies stores. I was nervous about spraying a globe that had been covered in paper because I didn't want it to bubble.  So its best to use three light coats of Rust-oleum paint and primer.
 See that cracking!!!  That happens when you put it on too thick and fast.  People please learn from my mistake again   this is not a project to do quickly.  Lots of light coats and this wont happen .  It is an easy fix though just a light sanding and reapply the paint.
 After you prime choose your color you will want, something that is light and goes with your room.  Hello turquoise
 Next is the scariest part for me.  I hate my hand writing, I have dyslexia, and its a curved surface. I'm very self conscious about writing anything by hand. I'm mean look at this blog there are a million mistake and I have a computer to help me out LOL The saying I wanted to use is Enjoy the Journey,  So take a big breath and a pencil and go for it. Enjoy
 Not perfect but hey I'm ok with that.  I love gold right now so I used my gold sharpie paint pen to trace over the pencil just know the  pencil marks will erase after you are done outlining. 
 I wanted flowers on my globe but you could do polka dots, stripes, trucks and cars, flamingos  hey the sky's the limit. 
 Paint is your friend when you are decorating the globe.  I just used craft paint but I loved the look of the pearl Martha Stewart Paint I used on the pink flower.  This part took time because you can only do a little at the time.  You should let each section dry before you rotate it around.  So yes this took days for me, because I don't manage my time well and I would pick up my brush every time I walked by my office. 
After you get all the flowers painted I just added detail with my sharpies.  I loved to outline the flowers add stems and little extras. This was just about the easiest part.  Supper easy a little time consuming and your own work of art.  Make sure you autograph this with a date so people will know how fabulous you are!!  Enjoy the journey!
There  may not be any countries on this globe but there is a destination, right here right now!
Enjoy the Journey