Monday, February 8, 2016

Studio 5 - Valentine's Day Decor

 Here is a link to the Valentines Studio 5 show  It was fun to show some of these projects.  They are supper easy and you can whip these out in just a few min.  pop on a Netflix show, grab a diet Pepsi and some yarn then do a little crafting for the holiday of love! 

Modern, Beatiful Valentine printable cards

There are some beautiful artist out there who just capture my hear!  I'm in love with craftberrybush.  she does such beautiful work.  I love this this little love note she did, and here's the link to her drop box to get the free printable
                                                                       Down load here

Here is another darling printable that Miss Craftberry has  this is the one I'm going to use this year with chocolate covered cheerios with sprinkles supper cute!
Download donut here

I love this one!! and you can even print it in a poster size!!  Happy Love Month!

Download chalboard printables here

and if you want to escape this weekend look for this darling at the painted fox!  love this

Painted fox bag link

Friday, February 5, 2016

How to make a yarn Valentine wreath

this was too easy to make,  and the best part was is that I made it while catching up on my DVR shows, (I was getting a little behind). 

All you need is a skein of yarn, a wreath form (any kind will do)  and a heart cookie cutter. 

I couldn't fit my whole skein of yarn through the cookie cutter opening so I just made a few yarn balls  and used those. 

I started by wrapping the yarn a few times around the heart in different places around the wreath to create the tension I needed to pull the yarn tight. 

Then I  just started wrapping and wrapping and wrapping.  I know it is brainless and fabulous!  I love a craft that I can do while watching T.V.   I did change the color a few times to give it a different look on this second wreath I did for my craft room door 

Look how cute this is all covered in yarn.  You could put a piece of paper behind the heart to give it color or just leave it blank.  I think the fancy ribbon is all it needs.  Simple modern, inexpensive and easy now this is my kind of craft. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Modern and monochromatic Valentine decorations: tutorial for bottle covers, and printables for arrows

So I'm not into red pink and purple for Valentines decorations.  Surprised? knowing that my Christmas deco is     Black and white with turquoise accents Ha Ha Ha. So this year I added Black, white and gray to my regular décor of white and gold,  this is how it turned out.

I love the simplicity of this pallet.  Ok I know you are dying for the geometric heart made of straws!!  I know it has to be my most favorite craft I did this season.  It looks so hard and I was so nervous to make it but Mandy over at Vintage revivals made this a doable reality   here the link to her step by step, she's kinda amazing! find the tutorial HERE

I did add a touch of dusty pink to my dinning room center piece.  I loved the idea of fabric covered bottles, I had seen some in a darling boutique in New York  for a lot of money and thought I totally can do that!  here's how.
1. Trace around a syrup bottle or salad dressing bottle  the flatter the silhouette the easier it is to sew around the edges. 
2.  cut out the bottle shape,  I left more around the edges because it needs to fit around the bottle.  Thant is why a flatter shaped bottle works best.  You need to leave about 1-2 inches around the shape to fit your bottle. 

3. As you can see I just Whipped stitched around the edge or it might be called a blanket stich not sure.  But I did have to YouTube it to make sure I was doing it right.  I'm not the best sewer around.  The ones in NY were very messy and organic  and  hey if I'm not anything but messy and organic.  I think that's why I thought this project was for me.    This would be cute for a wedding centerpiece in what ever color the brides wedding is in.
I love arrows and for the last few years I have done some fun things with them.  This year I wanted a printable to use on my gallery wall.  I wanted a very rustic gold leafed wood piece with the arrows Modpodged onto.  I love the look of rustic with modern clean lines.  So here are the pintables and I'd love to see what you do with them.  Tag me on Instagram at theglitzypear so I can show case your fabulous creative ideas. 

Ok so here is what it looks like in the KSL Studio5  I can't wait to get them home and hang them up in my gallery wall!  Hope you try something fun and new this year.  It's always so fun to get those creative juices flowing!  Happy Valentines Day Decorating  to all.