Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How to spray paint glass and plastic without the spraypaint cracking

I have been spray painting for a long long time.  I think that there isn't any thing in this world that cant be saved by spray paint!  Except wall to wall carpet and we will not discuss that experiment ever again. he he

Back in the day I loved the crackled look and I knew excatly how to create the look with my cans of spray paint.  However that look is not in at the moment and I want a clean fresh glossy look when I spray paint.

Glass is tricky because it doesn't absorb the paint, the paint must sit on top of the glass and is easily scratched off.  So after your project is finished I suggest you coat your creations with a few coats of spray polyurethane. These vases above I did a few years ago and I wanted to use them at a wedding for flowers but the cost was way too high  so instead we thrifted glass vases and sprayed them all white.  Well some were modpodged but that's another post.

Ok lets get started.
1.  This is the number one rule light even coats. and when I say light I mean light!!!  Do not coat your glass with a heavy thick coat of paint this will bring on the crackling, when you spray the next layer.

2. To coat a glass vase completely I used about 4 light coats of paint.  Starting spraying to the side of the  project and then sweeping over the project and off the other side.  It might take several swipes to cover the vase with the first coat.

3. I only wait a few min for the paint to dry before starting with my second coat.  I continue this process until I get the coverage I need.  usually four coats of paint.

4.  if your paint isn't drying in 3-5 min or so then you have sprayed it on too thick and run the risk of cracking.  If its too cold or too hot cracking can occur as well.

5. If your project does start to crackle wait for it to dry and lightly sand the offending area with very find sandpaper or steel wool and respray that area.

Added a touch of silver leafing to these jars loved how they turned out.
Good luck with your projects tag me on insta at #theglitzypear so that I can see your darling projects!

Monday, June 29, 2015

How to make the best chocolate sheetcake

Photo credit johnsmags
These are two of my most favorite cakes and with all the Bar-B-Q's coming up I thought I'd share.  I bake 3 cakes once a  month for my husbands work birthdays and believe me I know what kind of cake will do well in a sheet pan.  You can be fancy and make a layered cake with these recipes but for a party or crowed you can't beat how easy and yummy  these two cakes are!  Happy Baking
Chocolate cake to die for
*I use a blend of Dutch and regular Cocoa, Macey’s carries it* (Saco Premium)
2 C Sugar                              1 c Boiling Water
1 C Oil                                    1 T Vanilla
2 Eggs                                    2 t Baking Soda                 
2 ½ C Flour                          ½ C Cocoa
½ t Salt                                  1 C Buttermilk
(In emergency can use ½ t Vinegar in regular milk instead of Buttermilk)
1.        Preheat the oven to 350 F. Grease three 9-inch cake pans, or use a sheet pan I think it’s easier to feed a crowd using a sheet pan.
2.       Mix the sugar, oil, and eggs then alternately add the liquid and flour mixture.
3.       Bake at 350 for 25 min. Test for doneness by lightly touching the tops of the layers or inserting a toothpick. Cool the layers in the pans for 5 minutes, then turn them out onto racks. Or if you are using a sheet pan just keep in pan.
4 C Powdered Sugar       6 T Buttermilk
1 t Vanilla                             ½ C Butter softened
4 T (heaping) Cocoa
Mix well, ice when cake is slightly warm or don't if you like a fluffy icing like I do!

Lime Cake
1 3-oz package lime-flavored gelatin                       1 1/3 cups granulated sugar
2 cups sifted all-purpose flour                                    ½ tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder                                                       1 tsp baking soda            
5 large eggs, slightly beaten                                        1 ½ cups vegetable oil
¾ cup orange juice                                                          1 Tb lemon juice
½ cup Key lime juice (from about 25 small Key limes or 4 large regular limes)
½ cup confectioners’ sugar                                          ½ tsp vanilla extract
1.       Preheat the oven to 350 F. Grease three 9-inch cake pans, or use a sheet pan I think its easier to feed a crowd using a sheet pan.
2.       In a large mixing bowl, mix the gelatin, sugar, flour, salt, baking powder, and baking soda. Stir to mix well.  Add the eggs, oil, orange juice, lemon juice, and vanilla. Divide the batter evenly among the 3 pans and bake for 35 to 40 minutes. Text for doneness by lightly touching the tops of the layers or inserting a toothpick. Cool the layers in the pans for 5 minutes, then turn them out onto racks.
3.       While the layers are still hot, mix the lime juice and confectioners’ sugar and pour it over the layers on the racks. You can pierce the layers with a fork to allow the glaze to soak in better. Allow the layers to cool completely as you prepare the icing.
Cream Cheese Icing
½ cup (1 stick) butter, room temperature
1 (8-oz) package cream cheese, room temperature
1 (1 lb.) box confectioners’ sugar
2-3 Tb. margarita mixer (optional)
1.       Cream the butter and cream cheese. Beat in the confectioners’ sugar (and margarita mixer) until the mixture is smooth and easy to spread. Spread the icing between the layers and on the top and sides of the cake.
Note: The cream cheese icing is optional. This cake is beautiful and tastes great with just the glaze poured over it. Serves 12.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Top 10 things to do in Kauai

I know I'm not a travel blog but I've had so many friend ask about our itinerary for Kauai that I thought I'd do a top 10 list.  Believe me we did a lot of research with our close friends, websites and books and this is what our little dream vacation looked like in a nutshell.

1. Swimming with the turtles (tunnels beach)
Hello can't tell you how dreamy this was!  I loved tunnels beach it was the perfect beach.  It had shade trees tons of sand that went on for miles  perfect easy snorkeling and farther out you could kite surf or kayak.  We saw about 20 turtles they were all over the place on the north part of the beach.  Most people that I've talked to have seen turtles there so bring your go pro and keep it on!!

2.Hiking Hanakapi'Ai trail
This is a hard hike and as we were hiking our 8 miles round trip I said this is not a hike for the little kids.  We had our keen shoes on which was a good way to go because of all the rivers you cross.  I did get a few blisters on the way back probably because this was the first time wearing my keens this year.

lol  But the water fall and the views are so breathtaking its worth the 5 hour trip. (that included eating lunch at the beach halfway through the hike. 

3. Capt. Andy's Napali coast BBQ and Snorkel
I love boats and if I don't go below deck I rarely get sick.  This boat had those fun mesh trampoline things attached to the front.  I sat there the whole time, but look out when they go fast you bounce around like a Disneyland ride.  (my ribs were kinda sore the next day cause we were laying on our stomachs holding on for dear life)

 We saw dolphins and turtles and they took us snorkeling were they feed the fish needless to say we saw a ton of beautiful colorful fish. and then up the coast to the Napali.  It was stunning!!

4. Ali'I kayaking adventures
This was an absolute blast.  I was told that you don't need a guide and that if you rent kayaks they will give you a map and you should be fine.  We wanted to have a guild so that we didn't have to worry about anything going wrong.

 I loved Justin our barefooted ukulele playing guild.  Seriously serenaded us the whole time and we were all singing along  supper fun. Secret falls was a beautiful waterfall after a fairly easy hike.  I think if it was raining it would be a different story but pretty easy for kids.

5.Eat shaved ice
this is a must, and I don't know if its because you are on a vacation or that its hot and you've played all day, but the shaved ices are so much better than the snow shakes here!!  Our favorites
  Jo Jo's      Ono Ono      Lampperts (loved their ice cream)

6. Beach cruisers
Every time we go to a beach town on a vacation we like to rent beach cruisers.  I loved riding the short easy bike trail along the coast in Kuhio.  We were relaxed and stopped at a few beaches to relax and walk and just enjoy the beach. 

7. Luaus
there are several luaus on Kauai but the two that I heard about the most were the Smith family luau and the Luau at Gaylord's.  We went to the one at Gaylord's even though we were planning on the smith's, because it was going to rain and Gaylord's is all coved. I'm sure they are all spectacular and yummy but remember they all coast around 100-20$ per person so if you have a family its kinda pricy. 

8.Desert and dinner at Dukes
huge yummy and a million calories nuff said!

That's why you go to Kauai right?  My favorites were Secret (Kauapea) beach because well it was empty!  and it was beautiful.  we had shade and sand and a view to die for.  Donkey beach was so fun to walk along and watch surfers.  But be carful with the kiddies we did two people who going all natural!! The most fun we had on a beach was tunnels, why because we saw like 20 turtles and the under water tunnels and caves were absolutely amazing!
10.  Waimea canyon drive
this was a fun drive absolutely gorgeous, now I live in Utah so I know huge beautiful mountains but this was so fun being up high looking down in like the grand canyon.  At the very top there were clouds rolling in,  and while we were eating lunch in our jeep the cloud would go right through the car.  I have never experienced anything like that before it was so amazing!!
I have had many of you ask about our itinerary so here is the link to the day by day things that we did. Don't mind the cover of us 25 years ago that's just my hubby trying to  make me feel young again.
I did make a good friend named Dee and had so much fun watching the surfers.  I think I could live here forever.
 Ke'e  beach and the rock creations that  people would make and leave behind

funny things that they had at Costco  LOL 

Don't forget about the rosters everywhere,  I almost got use to the constant crowing at every hour.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Painted fox store

I'm so in love with this website the painted fox!! I have been following them on insta for a while and I thought I need to share with you all the cute farmhouse style stuff they have!!

 I'm always looking for darling trays to use at weddings and  parties and I'm so in love with this one!! I feel like this should be  my little treat after I get my paycheck from my next weeding what do you think? 
 I know its summer but I'm so in love with these pillows.  I would love to add two of these gems to my fall pillow collection.  Yes I collect pillows and don't judge, cause that's the easiest way to change your look each season, and the most cost effective way to redecorate. 
This is why I went browsing on this site in the first place.  I have been married 25 years and I have never had a spoon rest.  I know shocking and it drives me crazy to wipe the counters after I make eggs every morning.  So I popped this little beauty in my cart and it will soon be mine!

Here is the link for this darling website and to my new friends over at the painted fox!!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Graduation printable for an Itunes card

This might be coming out a little late but..... hello its never to late to send a present right?  This is a little graduation card I made with my new fun little gadget the minc.  Its a machine that will foil anything that you can print with a laser printer.  You don't have to foil these pintable's I just wanted to add a little fun shine to their cards. 

tip:  remember if you use a Minc you will need to cut out the foil to fit the only the part you want to foil. If any of you have an easy way to mask off the rest of the card or ways to clean the cover sheet so that the bleed wont get on future projects please let me know!!  :)

I have a lot of graduates to give to so I like to give them an ITunes gift card.  I could never find a cute saying for this so I made my own.  I put the corny little saying at the bottom, lol.  (We know you're in tune with your future) ;)

Here is the printable if you would like to use it. All you have to do is add the graduates name to the front.  You do this in photo shop, publisher or just hand write it in thick font.  This one has this years date 2015.

This printable does not have the year, I know I'll use this every year I have a ton of gifts to give.  Now bless their hearts the fun is over its time to grow up and be every thing you have ever wanted to be.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

How to pack for a trip

Hello I'm a little bit giddy as I write this post. I'm off to Kauai Its my 25 wedding anniversary and I think if we have made it this far we should really celebrate. So I thought I'd show you how I pack for a trip. 

Its kind of funny but I like to put everything into outfits. that way I  know I have everything I need to complete a look.  In this case swimwear and cover ups and good hiking shoes. lol  If I have extra shirts or pants that goes on the other side.  I know it seems weird but when you unpack at your hotel it is just easier to see all the outfits done and put together instead of trying to figure out if you brought the sweater that goes with that outfit. 

There are a million ways to pack to prevent wrinkles and such,  I try to stay away from wrinkly clothes when I travel I don't want to have to worry about ironing.  But if you do have say a linen skirt that gets kind of wrinkly wrap the skirt around the outfit it goes with so that it doesn't crease same goes with linen pants.

I also hate hate hate  straps sticking out of my clothes, (was that a little harsh) in my closet or in my suit case.  Here is how I solve that problem.  First I lay out the tank top or swimsuit and fold in half.  The neck and straps towards the hem. 

Second I fold that in half to contain all the straps.
Third, I fold that in half again  or in thirds how ever small you need it.
Hello what a perfect little package to stack neatly on a shelf or line up in you suitcase.
Shoes are always on the bottom or in another bag with travel gear. Ok that's not all my shoes and yes I did have to make room for my honeys Keens but a girl must sacrifice for her man.    

Books and magazines go into my carry on along with treats and my emergency kit which is always with me especially when I am at the pool or beach!  It has very essential stuff like chapsitck, sunblock, cards,  gum, a sharpie, fingernail file, lipstick, hand sanitizer, pins, elastic for my hair, ear buds,  and money.  This little bag has saved me more than once. I also bring a small emergency kit with pills, Band-Aids, thread needles ect. 

ok looks like I'm all set and the hardest part was figuring out to wear before hand. 
All I have to do now is lay on the beach and read!

Monday, May 18, 2015

modern Bohemian wedding

I loved helping to create this wedding.  The darling bride wanted it to be modern but then loved all these vintage things.  So we called it the modern bohemian wedding and it turned out darling. 

She had her reception in this fabulous barn in Salt Lake City.  I didn't want it to be too vintage because it was already in an old barn so we talked about making a beautiful paper flower back drop for the cake in white.  Wow it was a lot of work but the payoff was amazing.  it was 10 feet long and 8 and half feet tall.  It truly was a  wall of flowers.

The brides cake was done by Whitney's Sweets you can find her at   she did an amzing job.  We set the cake on a cut log on top of an old desk with one of the rose quart sequin runners. The dark colors really set off all the white of the cake and flowers. 

on her desert buffet we tide in the paper flowers with boxes covered in mini flowers. then mixed in the real flowers as well to blend the whole look. 

the mantel flowers were so romantic and just what I would have picked for a boho wedding.  I truly wish the mantal was deeper so that we could have put more photos of them on the top.  The flowers were done by Heidi Vassel she is one amazing chick!

Sign in please, oh how I loved the shine of the garden bench that I sprayed gold.  We added photos of the bride and all of her vintage pieces that she loved.  The best part of the sign in area was the hanging lanturns  they were to die for  (almost took them home with me! )

The photo booth was a fun little corner.  I just love looking at the # tags after a wedding seeing all the  fun photos of the guest.  Its fun to create a fun little backdrop to make the photos more fun and something that is more interesting than a plain Jane wall.  Don't you love my chairs?  Who knows when they will be recovered, but until then photo on.

 When the entrance to the venue isn't clearly marked its a good idea to have a sign or lanterns, maybe cute paper sack lanterns to light the way and guide the guest to the front entry way. 

Well that's all the weddings for now.  I'm leaving with the hubby on a much needed vaca (without the kids) But don't worry I have darling outdoor wedding I'll be doing the end of June.  Don't you just love love?