Friday, April 17, 2015

Organize your creative space

 I'm kinda obsessed with organizing. I do it for fun and to relax weird I know!  And I love love love that I can be paid as an event planner and a organizer. I'm living the dream  LOL   I love to see what you all put on your blogs about your creative spaces.  It inspires me to be more creative and take more risks. 

 This is just a little corner of my office its a little cluttered but that's because this is where I work.  I love to have my things in a boxes that are labeled and are concealed  behind a closed cupboard door,  how ever I don't have a closet in my office, (yet)  so drawers and shelves and desks are stuffed to the brim with supplies. 
 When I work I like to have things at my finger tips.  Right now I'm trying to journal my everyday life and I need this planner out so I see it everyday. (thanks Heidi Swap for the inspiration)

I like to color code my pens its easier to grab what I need this way.  Also I love having my tape scissors and glue handy when I'm adding to my journal, so cute vintage jars and pots are my go to containers. 

As you can see I like to surround my self with personal things that inspire me.  photos of family clock faces scrabble letters and a jar of thoughts.  Its fun to come to this little space and love everything I see.  My philosophy is if you love it use it. 

My other favorite place to be is in the container store, oh how angels sing when I go in that place.  I have to have a lot of my stuff on bookshelves and I have chosen white containers but someday I will get brave and do a whole wall in turquoise or green!

when your out and about look at the way stores display there wears.  They take a lot of time to make sure it looks amazing.  I do love to display my books in rainbow order and I see I'm not alone  Thanks Container Store for being one of my happy places.  And inspiring me to get out of my color (or lack of) comfort zone

Thursday, April 2, 2015

How to make giant paper flowers part two.


Oh let the fun begin.  I loved this part the making of the giant flowers!
 1. first take about 6 sheets of tissue paper, fold in half and clip together.

2. then cut out your scallops or dahlias or roses petal shapes.  the good part about this is that no matter what shape you cut it will look amazing!!  I like to mix a big scallop and little scallop in the rose.

 3. you want to open up the folded piece of tissue and then gather in the middle to form a bow tie shape.
 4.  Next you want to fold that in half and squish the bottom no need to make it look cute it will just be covered up by other petals and a ton of glue.
 5. I used a 3 inch punched piece of card stock to be the back of my flower.  I just put a dab of glue on the edge and stick the tissue on.
 6. I discovered after making about 4 flowers that I was making my flowers fuller than the directions of the blog I was following (Design sponge) and so I needed to make them stick together better.  I did this by being very messy and generous with the glue gun.  over lap and make sure the top of the petals are glued and not just in the center. 
 7. glue about 6 of the large scallops around the center.
 8. now again be messy with the glue gun.  Make sure that the flower will not pop out like an accordion by gluing everything together.
                                                               making the center
 9. there are only a million ways to give your flower a center.  this is the hardest one I did but was so pretty Ill show you how I did this.  fold a piece of tissue in over and over till its about three inches. 
 10. Cut into two inch sections.
 11. Open up the strips and cut in half.

  12. Pinch and twist the center two times.
 13. Then fold in half and cut the bottom to the size you need. 

 14 glue glue glue into the center of the flower. As many as you would like.
 15 fold cardstock in half and fringe with scissors.

 16. Cut into a four inch piece and roll up.  Glue together.
 17. Smoosh!
 18. glue the fringed roll into the center of the flower.

 to attach the flower to the stem I glued a ribbon to the back of the round of cardstock.  and tied to the stem. Done and Done.  I still need to make the leaves but that's another day. 

Just had to take a few photos of my cute neighbor girl and my boy standing by the giant flowers.  These could be so cute for showers and wedding.  and I will be using them this May for a few weddings I'll post photos of the events then. 


Sunday, March 29, 2015

free printable thank you tags

Some times the simplest of graphics can be the most lovely.  I did a wedding shower last week and made little thank you favors.  It was terribly easy and its so thoughtful for the bride to have a little thank you treat for her guest to take with them. 
 Here is the link to this printable you can download. I used a 1 1/2 scalloped punch to create my tag. punched a hole and tied it to the little box. supper simple and sweet.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

How to make giant paper flowers and stems part one

this is the first part in a two part tutorial on how to create giant flowers.  I've search all over the web and found that this was the easiest and cheapest way to make the base of your 5 foot flower. 
what you need
chicken wire
garden gloves
masking tape
tissue paper
spray glue
 first you need a big huge bucket of this stuff.  I love this because its cheep and easy to work with however its not supper heavy if I were to do this again for a client I would add rocks in the mix to make it extra heavy. 
 All ya need to do is get a container.  I used the 79cent ones from Ikea and a few random ones I've had for ever.  I actually mixed the plaster in the pot so that I wouldn't have to worry about pouring it.  Just read the directions for powder and water ratios.

 Next I got the chicken wire out.  I like the kind that you can get at IFA it cheaper than Home Depot but they work about the same.  IFA does come in different sizes.  I just cut about 8-10 inches off the roll and then put on my gloves to roll it up.  I tucked in the cut edges  and kinda squished it together.  to create a long tube.
 tip  I didn't roll the whole stem because you want to wrap the bottom part around the bucket.
Then grab that tape and go to town.  the tape helped so much in disguising the wire.  and it was so easy to attach the tissue paper to.
 before you get to the bottom of the stem you'll want to wrap the wire around your bucket. Then just tape tape tape to hold it tight.
 ok this part is tricky I did three of the stems by my self and one with a friend lets just say its always easier with two people, not impossible with one.  You will need to spray the  stem with spray glue I've used every brand and they all seem to work the same so just what ever is the lest expensive.  Then I wraped the green tissue paper around the taped stem.  and cut off the excess.
 oh the most fun part is last!!!  I love modpodging (is that a word?) the tissue paper so that I wont rip off.  I also wanted the stems to be shinny so I could have a fun contrast.  however I only had half a bottle of shinny mod and a half bottle of matt so I mixed for a semi gloss I guess. 
just rub carefully over the tissue  to seal it.  if you lift some paper in areas just rip a small piece to fix the spot right them while the stem is all sticky then let dry over night and voilĂ 
your done with the bendable stem!!  Your little secret garden is beginning to take shape!!  Ill post the making of the flowers soon.  that's a pretty pink puffy party in itself!!