Tuesday, January 27, 2015

dying your own ribbon

I know I've posted how to dye your own ribbon before. but today Ill so you again step by step just because its sooooo easy and the results will always be perfectly suited to your project. 

 first you start off with this amazing stuff.  You can find it anywhere crafting supplies are sold.  Its a misting spray and I have lots of different brands.  I have even made my own colors by using dyes and diluting with water and putting in a spray bottle.  I  use seam binding as my ribbon, its very cheap and comes in spools of 100 yards.  I get mine from amazon.  they are around 10-13$ and they last for ever!!
So there are  a few ways I dye my ribbon.  The first way is to crumple it up and spray spray spray!  it will leave you with a variegated look that is so beautiful and natural.  If you want a more solid look I would suggest you put it in a baggie and spray the solution into the baggie adding a bit of water to get every piece of ribbon. 

 I then pull my ribbon out of the bag and let dry in a clump so that I can get that vintage rumbled look.
 Another way that I have found that is absolutely stunning comes from Heidi Swap.  You tape you ribbon down to a wipable surface and then spray.  You will get the striped effect immediately it's so cool.  blot the spray off with a paper towel and let dry or untape and dry hanging on a door knob.

This last one I discovered when I needed a muted color and wanted to see if dying a gray ribbon would bring me the  desired results. 
I'm also going to show you how to use a mask (although I was in too big a hurry and made some splotchy marks)
If you want to use a mask the ribbon needs to be straight and do not use a long piece, that just gets too messy. 
spray spray spray and then take off the mask.  I blotted before I removed the mask but  don't blot!!! just carefully remove the mask before you blot or the excess will spread into the holes.  Also a light light spray is all you need I was over spraying to get a darker color, not a wise thing to do.
But seriously how cool is that?  you can see the original color and the new color the dye made along with the polk-a-dots  how easy and cute is that.  I have boxes and boxes of ribbon I will not tell you how many but its more than any sane person should have, and I still love to dye my own ribbon.  It is sometime the special touch you need for your tags and packages.  so have fun experiment. and see what you can come up with.

Monday, January 12, 2015

free printable for OLW one little word BALANCE

I love following inspiring people on instagram I think that the more I'm surrounded by good people good messages good deeds I become a better person. 

I have been choosing an OLW (one little word) for three years now.  This year I feel that I have great intentions to simplify  but I never do.  So this year I'm going to work on Balance. 

I want to Balance all the good that is in my life.  I don't want to miss all the good because I'm so busy with the good.  I just need to figure out how to Balance it all, and be happy while I'm doing it.  Today as a little treat to myself I'm ordering this charm.  I want to be reminded daily of keeping Balance in my life this year. 

If you have chosen a word print it out post it all over your house in your journal on your bathroom mirror, fridge where ever you will see it and stop and ask yourself.... do I feel Balanced right now?   If not then fix it  so that you can feel the peace that true Balance brings. 
here is the printable for my word  it can be your word too, hope you all have a balanced and happy new year.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

painted sign boards diy

So this is a different lazy take on the  painted board that are out there.  I needed something fast and low cost for a cute little friend gift.  I love painted signs but just thought they would be too time consuming. So I tried my hand at spray painting. I know weird but I think it turned out rather cute.

I started with our left over wood flooring I bet it would be just as cute with fencing or pallets or what ever scraps you can find. 
 Then they all got a coat of white spray paint and a light pattern from a stencil I purchased to paint my walls with (which never happened by the way)  I didn't hold it down or mask off any part of it,  Its very rustic and messy and I think adds to the home made charm.
I have a silhouette and I really need to use it more, but I'm not very familiar with it  so I just cut out a stencil from cardboard with an x-acto knife. tying to keep it old fashion all the way around. 
I then spray painted the word JOY on the boards.  I did one letter at a time and because I was doing a few of these and by the time I did one letter on each they were dry!!!! gotta love spray paint!

 Then I just hot glued one of my junk bows to the top and done!  Supper easy and looks pretty cute for a few hours and a can of spray paint.  P.S. the floor that its sitting on is the flooring I used how cute would the signs be if I had had time to stain them like I wanted to and paint the JOY in white.  o-well there is always next year

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

how to tie a junk bow and a free printable

 I'm not a big fan of shopping for holidays gifts I much rather make something special and fun.  I have no idea if any of my friends or family use or like any of my homemade gifts, but it brings a little bit of that old fashion feel I so long for during this holiday season. 
So here is a little trick I like to use to make my simple home made gifts a little more special. 
I found this darling recipe for cinnamon pancakes and yes they taste like cinnamon rolls!  the printables are on www.tatertotsandjello.com  so so cute!  I printed out the labels on sicker paper and popped them on a quart jar not a pint (had to change the recipe a bit)  tied a cinnamon stick to the top, (thanks M Rich for your extras) and thought they just weren't cute enough.
So I popped them in a cellophane bag with some green shine tinsel and put a junk bow on the top with a little Merry and bright flag.  Printable at the end of post. 
Then added a Heidi Swap tag and done supper cute and it looks like a fancy boutique gift.  Ill show you how to tie these easy bows.     

 Fist  have an anchoring idem like the flag or holly.  gather three or four or five ribbons in all different sizes and textures.  I love to use pompoms, book paper, any thing with wire, any old crazy thing that is in your color scheme. 
 lay them on top of each other and tie with seam binding or  jute all together. 

Don't worry if its a little scrunched just fluff it out  I thought mine could use some jingle bells so I hot glues them to the tips of the jute ribbon.  and your done.  You can hot glue it to a sign like I did or  add a bit of bakers twine to tie it to the bags like I did at the top.  Just a few min with your extra ribbons and you to can have a gift that wow's! 

 Happy gifting and tying!! Merry Christmas


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December all ready

There is something magical about Christmas lights at night.  They are so clamming and peaceful.  I'm not a photographer although if I had the time I would love to take a class some day to refresh my long lost skills.  Here are just a few unfiltered photos I took tonight.

This is our new tree its huge 10 feet.  We bought it last year after Christmas and knowing it was so big we bought lots of ornament's to fill it.   However after I put it up I'm not really in love with it,  I kinda miss my scrawny 25 year old hand me down that had lots of holes and bare branches to fill up   the other tree is always greener I guess LOL
 I do love my four poster bed at Christmas  we have always had lights and garland around the canopy we put up only for a month.  but so worth the fun factor when we read Christmas stories in bed.
 In my piano room I have a little gold tree it glitters in the sunlight and glows at night, I hope my big new tree isn't jealous that I love this one better!
 I always like to put a little something fun on my piano for my students to look at and It changes weekly sometimes, because I just can't get it perfect, but for now this is what it looks like.
I fell in love with this gold glittered garland last year, the joy of it is, we find glitter on the stairs every time we vacuum its kinda a game to see who can find glitter on the stairs   we usually can still find it in July!!
  Let the holidays begin and remember in all the hustle and bustle stop for a few min each day to truly enjoy the season and all the beauty that goes along with it. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Rustic Wedding

 This venue is just a little bit amazing!!!  I loved the rustic yet charming feel of this place Its truly a little jewel inside of Lindon Utah.  
I was  hired late in the game  I had only three weeks to get this wedding together but boy did it come together.  First I loved the idea of bring in fun furniture where guys could hang out or take photos with the Polaroid camera.  I hung my darling vintage windows from a burlap and ribbon wrapped 2x4  (thanks honey)  and placed my old getting ready to reupholster chair in front with an old step stool and the little ring bearers chest on the step.
The bride was having a small wedding so the gift table was small and sweet with another turquoise trunk for the cards.  maybe at the end of the post there will be a free printable surprise for you. 

 Next I had to create a cheese cake table.  The bride wanted cheese instead of cake!  I love doing a whole cake or pie table instead of one single cake its rustic and not to mention extra tasty with all the choices you have!  My doors keep get more and more rustic as the years go by LOL  but come on there is no way you can recreate those vintage knobs and colors.  I used my tree stumps and little jars of succulents to soften the edges and reused the flowers that were on the chairs in the chapel tucked around the edges. 

 Between the two of use we had 13 lanturns and boy did we use them.  I loved that by placing them on the floor it added so much color and light to higligt all the lager pieces. 
 The sweetheart table was so pretty I wish you could see it in person!  we took the swag off the mantel in the chapel and add photos of the bride and groom when they were babies and now,  adorable.  we used more jars of succulents and her bouquet to add the color. 

 I love it when the florist will leave some of there extra flowers that we can use in places that need extra love.  and my favorite look is a just picked from my garden look.  where I just grab a few extras and pop them in a vase  kind of a messy casual look.  Thanks Audrey!!
And speaking of Audrey who was the florist,  Amazing!  I love when a client I can dream up and idea and the florist says sure I can do that!  I mean who puts driftwood and succulents together and tells the florist to make it work?  But she did and it looked amazing  I mean look at that chapel with eucalyptus and roses (I know 80's)  but it looked soooooo modern and smelled like heaven!

 One of my favorite things to do is food table centerpieces.  The food was so delicious I mean melt in your mouth I'm not suppose to sneak this but I can't help it delicious!  B you are supper woman in the kitchen!
 Always Always Always have a killer entry way.  It sets the tone it gets the guest excited it welcomes everybody in.  I love all my vintage and a few new (Ikea)  finds that were just perfect to hold the flowers and back yard finds wrapped in paper at the entry doors.

 Thank sweet Emily for letting me  help make your wedding dreams come true in just three weeks:)

ok freebie time.  I'm letting you print my "cards" letters you can thank Emily later for let me share this with you.